Review: Solid by Jettie Woodruff

Solid by Jettie Woodruff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars!!

Solid is a novella that continues Paxton and Gabriella’s story. I don’t really know why but I’ve become quite smitten with this couple and I am totally invested in their story. I really needed more closure after Slut and I’m happy to report that Solid gives me it!! In this short story, I finally got to know what Paxton was hiding from Gabby and how Gabby deals with her big secret. Gabby and Paxton can’t seem to figure it out in the beginning. As the lies begin to eat away their marriage, they realize the only way to repair their broken marriage is to start trusting one another. Eventually both Gabby and Paxton find the truth out and they learn to work things out together. Solid is a great name for this novella because Paxton and Gabby have to learn to build a solid foundation for their relationship. The ending left me with a lot of hope for them.

“Solid is built on trust, not lies and deceit, and nobody’s going to build it for you.”

I like how Gabby and Paxton really worked for their relationship. One of the reasons why I love this series is that I find their problems and behavior so realistic. I see a lot of myself in Gabby. Gabby holds grudges even though she pretends to be over the issue. She then throws the issue in Paxton’s face when they fight. I TOTALLY do that. Paxton thinks Gabby is crazy…lol..I’m pretty sure my husband thinks I’m crazy too. Paxton and Gabby are far from perfect and both contribute to their marital problems. The truth is they both didn’t love each other in the past. Gabby’s accident gave them a second chance to fall in love and they did. Now they just have to fight for the future. Love is wonderful, but this story really highlights that relationships take more than love to work. Overall, I loved how this novella ended the series. It gave me peace and I felt it wrapped everything up in a pretty little bow.

My only complaint is that I felt the ending happened abruptly. I know this is a novella and things need to happen quickly, but it felt a little out of place. There was all this drama and then all of a sudden Paxton finds the truth out and is okay with everything. It felt rushed. However, I’m still happy because I got my HEA.
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