Review: Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Corrupt (Penelope Douglas) is a standalone, dark romance, dual point of view alternating present and past.

Michael is handsome, strong, popular and completely intimating. He is a popular, pro basketball player and untouchable to Rika. Michael has a close bromance relationship with his 3 partners in crime since high school. They are the Four Horesemen. Their bond is unbreakable. Three years ago while they were still in high school, Rika put Michael’s three friends in prison and now that they are free, they want revenge on her.

Rika is sweet, innocent, and sheltered. She has a crush on her boyfriend’s brother Michael for years. She follows him around like a lost puppy but Michael treated her with indifference, borderline hatred. After broken up with her boyfriend she moved to college just happened to be in the same town where Michael lives. She wanted to move on with her life but cannot seem to get away from Michael now. Rika started to fall for Michael again. To complicated thing, Rika ex-boyfriend Trevor thinks she belongs to him still. Now, you’ve got the Four Horseman and their hidden agenda, the crazy ex-boyfriend, and a revenge brewing – Rika does not stand a chance.

“Beware the fury of a patient man”

Hooollly crap!!!! Corrupt is definitely a dark romance. Seriously, I was sweating bullets the whole time. Between the black hoodies, the masks, the messages left, and people lurking around at every corner my heart was beating out of my chest. Warning – the way Rika was being tossed around, the rough sex and the hazing – it was hard to swallow … I see controversial reviews coming… 🙂
All I will say is: you really have to go into this book with an open mind. Corrupt is the first book I read from this author. Ms. Penelope knows exactly how to write a compelling, mysterious, and totally twisted plot. Man, it was HOT and steamy too. I am not a big fan of certain sex scenes but I was hooked from the beginning until the end. I have to stop several times and remind myself to breathe because this story is fast pace, full of surprises and absolutely thrilling.

“We have a problem. You weren’t invited into my bed, and you came in here without permission.”

I enjoyed Corrupt because I haven’t read this type of story before. It was a bit disturbing but different. I say this book is NOT for the fainted heart but if you can keep an open mind – read it!

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