Review: Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Red Rising
Red Rising by Pierce Brown

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well…I’m so happy I decided to read this book. I’m not sure it does this book justice to compare it to Hunger Games. While I can see some similarities, Red Rising has added layers of depth. The writing and story is so good. You will be sucked in. First, it is quite obvious the Pierce Brown is well read. He created his own unique story but managed to borrow and weave the concepts of some great works. The first thought I had was that this book reminded me of Golding’s Lord of the Flies with a twist on Homer’s Iliad. There’s a lot of references to Greek mythology in this story. The Golds like to play God and they interfere a great deal. It was interesting how I would forget this novel is actually set into the future. The school is basically set up to imitate ancient times where Darrow and the other students have to learn to conquer but also learn to establish order and civilization. This is where I see many similarities to Lord of the Flies. The books incorporates major themes about the conflict within human nature: civilization versus savagery. It highlights Nietzsche’s concept that the driving force behind human nature is the “will to power, ” or the long standing question of “does the end justify the means?” This is what I love about the novel…it’s not just entertainment; it’s entertainment with layers that question morality and the true nature of humanity. It has all the entertainment of Hunger Games, but the depth of the some well know classics. It’s interesting to think about how this book is futuristic and technology has advanced far beyond what we can imagine, but no matter how advanced the world becomes, human nature is constant: our drive for power and our inclination for savagery always exists; it is a fine balance to keep civilization and morality in the forefront.

This book has a lot of action in it and it is INTENSE. I was so stressed reading it, which is crazy since it’s a trilogy and I automatically know Darrow will live through to at least the last book. I’m terrified that Pierce Brown will not give me a happy ending. I’m a happy ending girl and I want it SO bad for Darrow. There is love in this story and love is the major driving force for all of Darrow’s actions, but this is not a romance story. It’s a story about many things: love, war, survival, redemption, strength, fear, humanity, etc. I LOVED this book. If you are looking for a good book that has it all…love, action, science fiction, philosophical principles, something you can learn from…then READ this book. I hear it’s going to be made into a movie. So READ this book before the movie comes out!! Onto book 2…here we go.
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