Review: Test Drive by Avonlea Cole

Test Drive
Test Drive by Avonlea Cole

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Test Drive by Avonlea Cole ~ 4 Stars

With his thirtieth birthday approaching, Wyatt Sloane II (Drew) is looking to settle down. Growing tired of his rich playboy lifestyle and the ever increasing pressure to take over the family business, Drew realizes that it’s time to get serious about his future and whom to spend it with.
There’s only one problem . . .
He doesn’t know what kind of girl he wants. Tired of the money hungry socialites knocking at his door, he is determined to find a girl that sweeps him off his feet.
The solution . . .—an online dating site that provides the anonymity he needs to hide his status and access to a variety of women. When he hits the submit button on his profile, the results are stunning. He never dreamed that so many beautiful women would be available.
Who will he choose?
Follow Drew on his ride to finding himself and the woman of his dreams.
This will be a Test Drive you won’t want to miss.

Drew is looking to leave the party life behind and settle down with a nice girl. He tried in the internet route. So first the half of the book is about Drew and his many online date adventures. After several meetings with women, some was disastrous he unexpectedly found the one. Beth is smart, sexy and does not run after Drew like other women which make her irresistible. She is a challenge for Drew. This book is in a male POV which is one of my favorite – it was funny seeing what was going in Drew’s head especially when dates gone wrong. The story was definitely entertaining. I enjoyed this story – it was a fun, light, easy read, not much drama or angst which is a nice break for me since I am usually addicted to angsty story. I thought the love between Drew and Beth came on a bit fast but other than that the writing flow quite well. If you are looking for a light romance with HEA – this is a book for you.

I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. TY
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