Review: Appealed by Emma Chase

Appealed by Emma Chase

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars!!

“All these years, Kennedy’s never let anyone else in. She has her reason, but the bottom lines, there hasn’t been any guy who’s gotten past her fire-breathing dragon. And what if…what if the reason I’ve never let myself fall in love with a woman is because I didn’t having anything to give? Because I’d already given my heart to her when we were seventeen years old? And all these years…I’ve just been waiting for her to come back to me with it.”

Ahhh…such a cute book!! This is the 3rd book in Emma Chase’s Legal Brief series and it follows the one and only Brent Mason. He’s the cute jokester of the group. Brent Mason finds himself reconnecting with his childhood crush, Kennedy Randolph. Kennedy is a DC prosecutor and Brent ends up being the opposing attorney in her next case. He’s a good guy, but Kennedy only remembers a selfish teenager who humiliated her. Brent has his sights set on her, but Kennedy just wants to crush him they way he crushed her years ago.

“I’m going to destroy you—and you’re going to love every fucking second of it.”

However, the more time they spend together, Kennedy and Brent can’t deny their chemistry and bond.

This was such a sweet book. I know it’s supposed to be a romantic comedy, but I thought it was more of a second chance romance book. There were definitely some funny moments, but I felt the overall tone of the book had more drama than comedy. I think I’m just an extremely picky person on my romantic comedies. Don’t get me wrong, I really did enjoy this book. I loved Brent from the previous novels and I was so excited to get his story. He is such as a charmer. He is playful, kind, and sexy, but I actually think Kennedy stole the book for me. At first, I was so confused on why Kennedy hated Brent so much since he’s such a great guy. When I found out what happened in their high schools years, I actually found myself so sad and pissed off for Kennedy. While Brent didn’t do terrible things, he also did nothing to stop her from being harassed and bullied at school. I was so mad at Brent for being such a selfish dumb kid and it made me see him a little differently. I began to like Kennedy a lot more. She is a strong character and I really admired her. Brent does try to make it up to her and I was kind of holding a grudge against him. I decided if Kennedy can forgive Brent then so can I =)

“I don’t think Oh Brent is so strong, even though you are. I don’t think he’s survived so much even though you have.” She looks into my eyes. “I just think—-perfect. You’re perfect.”

See what I mean…Kennedy is just freaking awesome!!

I’m so glad that Brent and Kennedy make peace with the past and build a future. They were definitely a good match. Brent really did have a good heart and I loved how soft he was with his teenage client. That situation kind of broke my heart too!!! I liked all the steamy scenes and I definitely felt the connection between Brent and Kennedy.

As always, some of the best aspects of any series is catching up with the previous couples. I love getting a glimpse of Stanton, Sophia, and Jake’s lives. There is a warmth that spreads through me as I read about this little lawyer family.

Lastly, one of the best parts of this book is the epilogue. It has such a fairy tale feel to it and it has so much promise for their children’s future. I’ve grown attached to this group of lovely lawyers and I want more!! I’m crossing my fingers in hope for a book about their children=). I highly recommend this book.
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