Review: The Mind by Kate Stewart

The Mind (The Reluctant Romantics # 1.5) ~ 5 STARS!

We fell in love in a lightning strike, a sudden anomaly in a sea of lost people.
He knew right away, yet I was hesitant. I could have never prepared myself for a love like ours.
No one could.
As a child, I had conjured an amazing story in my mind. It was a story I could retell about a man that would move me like no other; a story about the way we met and how he had swept me off my feet. But, the ending to that fairytale was so far from the reality.
No one will want to hear that story now, but for Grant, I will always tell it.

Reading Order for The Reluctant Romantics Series:

The Fall – Full length standalone
The Mind 1.5 (Novella for Grant and Rose) this couple was introduced in The Fall as secondary characters.
The Heart (Coming March) 2016

*** I just devoured this book in one sitting. This is a novella but it is a complete love story between Grant and Rose. It did not even feel like a novella – there is no rush to the ending. The story flows nicely and leisurely from beginning to end.
This book can be read as a standalone but I would highly recommend you read The Fall first to get the full background as these two were secondary characters (Rose is the sister of Dallas who was the main heroine in The Fall).

“I’m more scared of not saying how I fell of not telling you I want you, of not taking the chance with you, and begging you for the same.”

So for those who read the Fall, you know the love story between Rose and Grant and more importantly you who what happened to Grant. In this book you get to see how their love started. Grant went to Rose’s university to break up with his girlfriend; there he saw Rose for the first time sitting underneath the tree with her nose deeply in her books. It’s love at first sight for Grant. Now, the challenge is to win Rose over and to make her see that they are it – each others forever. Was Rose impressed or did she think Grant is totally nuts?

“It’s you, baby. I know it is. Just take it and I’m yours.”

This book is funny, sexy and oh so romantic. I was laughing so hard at the banters between Rose and Grant. Half of the time Rose thinks Grant is crazy because he is so hell bent on them being together. The other half we get to see Grant’s panties melting, sexy as hell piece of man wooing Rose. It was a world wind romance it seems they are soul mates and destined for happiness. But I guess nothing good lasts forever. I was gutted and cried my eyes out at the end. As I mentioned in the first review I am desperate to see Rose have a fairy tail ending… rumor has it there is one HEA coming up in The Heart. For some reason though I think Rose will be a tough nut to crack and it will be a long road to happiness. I am anxious and patiently waiting until March.

This novella is absolutely fantastic. I have to thank Kate Stewart for the lovely story of Grant and Rose. While reading The Fall I was silently wishing for a little more of these two but I understand the focus is on Dallas and Dean. So I am extremely happy I get to see Grant and Rose’s love story. While it was short and heartbreaking, I am completely satisfied and I can not wait the see what is installed for Rose. Kate Stewart’s writing is breathtaking PERIOD! Her characters are loveable. The love stories are all unique. After I finished this book I just want to hug my hubby and tell everyone to do the same. Life is too short. Love hard and be happy!

I just adore Kate Stewart. What a brilliant writer. If you have not read any of her books I wholeheartedly encourage you to read The Fall first. You will not regret it.

“It wasn’t luck. It was lightning.”

For those who still believe in love at first sight this is THE book for you. Happy reading everyone!!!

I was blessed with an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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