Review: His Light in the Dark by L.A. Fiore

His Light in the Dark
His Light in the Dark by L.A. Fiore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**** Cole was dealt a shit card – awful childhood. He lives with an abusive father who moved them from one town to the next. Cole never had a chance to make friends and adapt. The last time Cole moved into a new town he met Mia, the sweet angel. Mia’s father took Cole in, protects him and treats him like family. So, for the first time, he felt normal and accepted.
Mia is loveable, endearing and an innocent daddy’s little girl. Cole is beautiful but damaged. Mia was sealed from all the bad and ugly that Cole is accustomed too. Mia and Cole became insta-friends. She adores him and always try to look out for him. The first half of the book was lighthearted – we get to watch them grow up together and became best of friends.

“You’re going to be okay, don’t give up. Promise me, you won’t give up.”
“I don’t want to go. I’m scared.”

They were happy for awhile until circumstances bought Cole back the dark life. Cole had to leave Mia – in his mind it’s best to protect her. Mia was broken hearted but she never gave up. She refused to let him just disappear. Mia knows deep down that Cole is worth fighting for. Mia and Cole were deeply connected with each other. The love they have for each other is not easily broken. Will Mia be his light in the darkness?

“I need you to understand that, Mia. I stayed away but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want you.”

The story is definitely an emotionally filled, a tear-jerker. At the beginning of the book you get a glimpse of Cole’s life and it just made me cry watching him suffer. Then the story was a little light-hearted with Mia and Cole happy time together. Subsequently the story turns dim with Cole slipping to his dark life – definitely heart-breaking watching Cole go through some hard times and eventually find his way back to Mia. This is a sexy romance with a lot of twists/turns and suspense. If you are in the mood for a dark, gritty, intense love story this is the book for you.
This is the first book I read of L.A. Fiore and it is not my last. I will be looking for her next installment.
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