US by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

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OMG!!!! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! SO MUCH !!!!   I can not get enough of Wes and Jamie – they are so darn cute! 5 CUTENESS Stars

“Jamie loves you and so do we.  Welcome to the Canning clan.”

That is basically where the story starts after Him.  Wes found the love of his life Jamie (his childhood friend).  Wes and Jamie moved to Canada so Wes can pursue his dream of becoming a professional hockey player.  Wes was having a phenomenal rookie year.  All was well professionally but his personal life started to suffer.  Jamie got a job coaching hockey to kids.  His job wasn’t going as well as he had hoped.  Other than that his life involved lonely meals and sulking at home while Wes was out having the time of his life.  The time they have for each other was seriously lacking.  The only glimpse of Wes he got was through the television screen when Jamie was watching the games.  On top of that Wes and Jamie had to keep their relationship a secret to avoid the media storm that will overshadow the success of Wes’s career.

Wes and Jamie love each other so much but having a normal life had to wait.  Hiding is hard especially to teammates that start to become close friends.  Eventually, the separation and hectic life took a toll on them.  Wes and Jamie’s relationship is put to the test.  Can they overcome it?

“Love is friendship set on fire”

Was and Jamie went through a rough time.  It was heart-wrenching to watch the bond Wes and Jamie have slowly breaking down.  I actually had tears in my eyes a couple of times.  It took an unfortunate event for them to realize how much they meant to one another and that their love is unconditional.  Seriously, I was swooning at how Wes takes care of Jamie.  I mean that is one true love – in sickness and in health.

“I think I’m getting better now”
“Good. That’s all I want, okay? That’s everything.”

Gosh!!! This story is just too sweet.  I can not get enough of Wes and Jamie.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these boys in Him but I’ve got be honest I did not know what to expect going into Us.  I was so satisfied with how Him ended but I felt like I wanted more of them.  Well, let me just say that I am so happy with Us.  Honest, I was engrossed with the story from the first word until the end.  I devoured this book in one sitting and now I am sitting here salivating for more.  I have a feeling it is probably unlikely but I would love it A LOT if the authors give Blake and Jamie’s sister Jess a story.  I smell some trouble brewing between those two – the heavy breathing??? Wink wink wink!  I really like these secondary characters Blake and Jess.  He is so funny and a super loyal friend.  Jess is a little bit corky and a lot overly protective of her brother Jamie.  I guess I am just hoping to get a little more of Wes and Jamie….

Us is just perfect.  Despite a little rocky road, love conquers all – Wes and Jamie came full circle and I could not ask for a better ending.  Elle and Sarina – you guys are awesome.  This is Him and Us are definitely happy, light-heart reads.  It’s funny, heartwarming, sweet and sexy.  My heart was broken for a little while but I am overjoyed at the end.  I adored Jamie and Wes and even the secondary characters.  Just perfection!

“…You belong with me.”

I can not say enough about this book.  It is such a sweet, heart warming, true love story.  I highly recommend you read Him first to get the back story up to the point they became one unit. But I think US can be read as standalone because the story picks up as the couple went through the up and down of any relationship.  Best M/M book ever!!!
Him + Us = romance at its finest.

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