Saving Kendrix (The Fae Guard #4) by Elle Christensen


4 Magical Stars!

Saving Kendrix is the 4th book in the Fae Guard series and it’s a standalone. This is a fantasy romance novel about a group called the Fae. They are the descendants of angels, falling between humans and angels. They are magical creatures with protective powers used for good. They have one rule and that is they can never lie. Once they tell a lie, they become a Fallen Fae and their soul darkens. They lose their purity and their soul.

Saving Kendrix is Kendrix and Alysia’s story. Kendrix is a Pure Fae and has been asked to make the ultimate sacrifice- to save the entire race of Pure Fae. To save his people, he must become a Fallen to save Alysia who is also a Fallen. He must convince Alysia to regain redemption and join the Pure. Kendrix and Alysia are pawns in a larger game only known by God and the angels. Neither of them knows what role Alysia plays, but that it’s an important one. When Kendrix and Alysia meet, they instantly know they are destined for one another; they are soul mates. Unfortunately, there is only redemption for Alysia. Can Kendrix save Alysia for the ultimate good of saving the Fae? Is there no redemption for Kendrix?

This is actually the first book I have read in this series and I really liked it. I’m not sure what I was expecting with this book, but I found it so damn cute! Kendrix and Alysia are some of the cutest characters I have read. Their inner dialogue is so funny and I loved them.

The story is told in dual POV between Kendrix and Alysia. While I adored Alysia, I loved Kendrix. He stole the show for me. He is this incredibly good guy who has been asked to make the ultimate sacrifice. He chooses to sacrifice himself, but he’s bitter about it and takes his frustration out on those around him. He’s a bit closed off in the beginning, but I don’t blame him.

“I know it’s not right, but misery loves company, and I don’t want to suffer this alone.”

He doesn’t even know what the full plan is but he knows he has to fall to save the Fae. I could feel his inner turmoil about being a Fallen. I could feel his love for his people and he has these moments of reflection that made me love him so much. His love for his brother was so touching and I felt so sad and mad for him that he had been asked to sacrifice himself for the good of everyone.

“I don’t ever want to see the look in my brother’s eyes if he were to find out I had become a Fallen.”

Then he finally meets Alysia and he gets why he was asked to save her…she is his soul mate. He changes and softens and he knows he would do anything for her. It’s so damn sweet. They both instantly know they are fated.

“I’m so fucking screwed.”

Kendrix tries to distance himself from Alysia because the plan is to save her while there is no redemption for him. They can’t actually be together. He doesn’t want to fall in love with her, but Alysia is persistent and their chemistry is on Fire!

Kendrix, be a man. Do not let a beautiful woman walk all over you. You’ve got balls, man. Use them!”

“Her eyes heat and my cock stands at attention. Back the fuck off, you little manwhore. I sternly lecture it.”

LOL…I just love his inner dialogue. It makes me smile. Kendrix never stood a chance. He and Alysia fall in love.

“As much as I hate to get sappy and sound like a cheesy romance novel, in my head and heart, there had been no one before her.”

“I can’t live without you, baby.”

Aww…Kendrix is so sweet! He loves her so much; all he cares about is her happiness. I was so in love with them. Alysia is adorable and completely is his other half. Towards the end, I wasn’t seeing a solution to their problems and I was starting to get angry that Kendrix had to sacrifice his life and love for the greater good. I wanted his redemption; I wanted him and Alysia to be together. So I was stressed until the very end where I finally got a little closure and I was left in a good place. I think things work out just the way they should have.

“Kendrix, the proper response here is ‘thank you, Fate. From the bottom of my newly restored soul, thank you’. “

Overall, this story is great. This book has a very hopeful and light quality to it. I will say that since this is my first book in the series I was confused at times regarding the back-story of the Faes. I had to go back a few times and reread things to understand or remember the story. Also, I was a little unclear about why Alysia was so important. It’s explained in the end what her role is, but I don’t understand the importance of that role in the grand scheme of things. I’m also left wondering if she had stayed Fallen what would have happened. I have a feeling if I read the other books I will have a better understanding of everything. I also felt the ending was a little rushed. Toward 70% I kept thinking there wasn’t enough time to wrap the story up. To my surprise, it did wrap up nicely, but I was left needing a little more information, more answers. Maybe that comes in the next book? I definitely enjoyed this book and I will be reading the rest of the books in this series. If you enjoy a little fantasy and magic in your romance novels, I definitely recommend this one!

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