Hard Ball by CD Reiss (a review)

“We change each other’s lives.  That’s what we do.”

Whoa! I just finished HardBall in one sitting.  I love hot athletes romance so when I heard there is a new hot baseball romance coming out by none other than one of my favorite authors, CD Reis, I signed up in the blink of an eye.  This book was short, sweet, sexy, and cute.  Sometimes I just need a nice light read and this book was perfect for me.

Dash is a heartthrob, sexy, a hottest commodity in baseball.  In the bedroom Dash is no different – this hot piece of man is all alpha and rules between the sheets.  Dash is simply put – PERFECT.

Vivian is a girl next door.  She is a school librarian, beautiful, and sweet but she does not even know it which makes her more sexy – basically, every guy’s wet dream.  She adores the kiddos.  She looks after her father and lives an ordinary life. That is until she meets Dash while out on a field trip with her school kids.  Vivian instantly catches Dash’s eyes.  Dash was mesmerized by Vivian and could not take his eyes off her.  Their connection was instant.  Dash was desperate to have Vivian but she is not about to be a notch added to his bed post.  Can Dash change his routine, his “superstitions” in order to capture Vivian’s heart?  It’s going to take some convincing…

This story is told in a dual point of view – my favorite – you get the inside scoop of both main characters’ perspectives.  What I like is that there was no repeat of scenes – after the one person’s POV, the story picks up and continues.  I adore both characters.  Vivian is super sweet and with a good head on her shoulders.  Dash is more complicated – he has some flaws but he also has a sweet, charming, and thoughtful side.  I thought they complimented each other well.  It’s worth mentioning that Dash is super hot and kinky in the bedroom… those sex scenes and the dirty talking … damn! HOT HOT HOT!  (Thanks to the author’s talent creation of course).  There are also some angsty parts though, where my heart flutters and I didn’t realize I was holding my breath.  There are also light-hearted, sweet, and swoon-worthy moments.  Just a perfect balance though out the book in my opinion.  HardBall was a fantastic read.  Another hot athlete romance I highly recommend.

“Love is an ever-fixed mark”
“Be my ever-fixed mark.  Be my north star.”

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