The Debt by Tyler King (a review)

The Debt
The Debt by Tyler King ~ 5 Emotional Stars

“Hadley saved my life . . . and I ruined hers

Hadley’s my best friend. We share a house, our friends, a life. She knows all my secrets . . . except one. My desperate need for her is inked on my body, it’s the best I can do. But Hadley needs to hear the words . . .

Growing up as foster kids, Hadley made me feel whole-sane. And what did I do? I destroyed our chance to be together. I ran out on Hadley when I should have stayed, and something broke between us. Now I’ll do anything to fix it.

I’ll never leave her again. I won’t ever let her feel afraid again. But the more I try to protect her from my pain, the more I just make things worse. I’m terrified that if I tell her everything, she’ll never forgive me. I’m even more terrified that it may be too late to make her mine. I have to try to give her what she needs . . . it’s a debt I’m determined to repay.”

**** HOLY SHIT!!!! What an AMAZING DEBUT!!!! It’s too good – I am in AWE. I LOVE THIS BOOK so much!!!! Not a typical boy meets girl, friends to lover romance. You just have to read it for yourself.

The storyline is so unique and heart wrenchingly good. I guarantee it will make you cry like a baby. There are serious issues, so it’s not for the faint of heart. The story felt real, and cuts you straight to the heart. To be honest, the whole time I felt like I was reading a non-fiction book. The author is very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Either she has done her research thoroughly or she is a damn psychologist herself. I’m sorry but you just cannot make this stuff up.

“My life didn’t begin until I met you. I’ve loved you every day that matters. I’m so fucking in love with you and you scare the shit out of me.”

The main characters are well-developed, real, likable and easy to connect with. Josh and Hadley are both flawed and broken seemingly beyond repair. They inflict pain on each other but also love each other – sometimes hurting and other times protecting…. You see the angst??? Hadley is gorgeous and funny when she is not in a dump emotionally. She is smart, sassy and half the time a pain the ass. Josh is a child prodigy performing as a concert pianist, but a tragic event happened four years prior, causing Josh to lose his motivation for music. He vowed never to play a single piano note ever again. Josh is caring, talented, sexy and very stubborn. Actually, they are both stubborn. I can’t give any details about Hadley and Josh’s past history without spoiling the whole book but what they both went though at such a young age is heart-breakingly sad. There will be lots of tears and your heart will break a little bit more each chapter before it heals again.

I also enjoyed the secondary characters tremendously – they all have an important part in the story. Josh’s bandmates are like his brothers. They are loyal and stand by him though thick and thin. Both Hadley and Josh’s parents were only peripherally mentioned, but the little bit that I know, I adored. Asha – oh she is a total badass but such a good friend. Rarely in a book will I relate to all the characters but this book is an exception – I like them all. Well, maybe except for Scott, but he is sick and I like to think that he will be taken care of and have a happy healthy life.

The writing in this book is just remarkable – witty banters, poetic narratives, smooth sailing from beginning until the end. There is angst, sadness but also playful, lighthearted parts. The author’s words totally captivated my attention – I could not put it down but life got in the way so it took me 2 days to finish.

“I can’t promise you a happy ending but I can offer you a happy beginning”

What I love about the ending it’s realistic with hardships ahead but also contains a silver lining. They are happy and finally moving on but I believe the road ahead will not always be smooth sailing. There will be bumps and bruises but Hadley and Josh do have each other to have and to hold for the rest of their life. I am okay with that because it’s life and life is real.

The Debt is just phenomenal. No other way to describe it. I have no compliants. This book will make you laugh, cry, swoon, break and heal you. It will pull at you heart strings. You will hurt until you cross the finish line!

Contemporary. Told in male POV. Standalone. MUST READ!!!!

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