Rekindled by C.J. McKella

Rekindled by C.J. McKella ~ 4.5 Stars


When I left, I never planned on looking back.
Walking away from the only boy I’d ever loved,
I thought I was making the right decision.
For me.
For us.
I was wrong.
Now I’m back, and the past is too much.
Tate Corbin is no longer the sweet boy next door,
But rather a man who hates me.


When she left, she took a piece of me.
A piece that had always belonged to her, and I knew—
I knew I’d never get over losing her, never get through the pain alone.
But I moved on—never thought I’d care again,
About her.
About us.
I was wrong.
Now, Callie Winters is back
And I can’t let go, I can’t step away.

Now only one question remains:
Will our love be rekindled? Or will it go down in flames?

*** This a standalone, second-chance romance which is one of my favorites. I started reading this at work during breaks… that was a bit of a mistake because by end the of the day I was tearing up, smearing my eye make-up. This love story gets all the feels — sexy, sweet and heart-wrenching. The sacrifices you make for the one you love can break you in the process.

“Sometimes love just isn’t enough”

The first chapter gives us a background story when Callie and Tate, who are best childhood friends, graduate and are about to embark on college life. Tate professed his love for Callie but she stomped on it and decided to get married to someone else, moving across the country. But don’t fault her yet – she has her reasons.

Seven years forward, circumstances bring Callie and her son back to her hometown. Callie is broken in so many ways. She is strong though and is determined to pick up the pieces in order to build a new life for her son. She does not need distractions and the last person she wants to run into is her ex best friend Tate. Tate is a hot fire fighter, engaged and for the first time seems to have put the pieces of his heart back together. Tate is still very resentful Callie chose Zack — someone who is wealthier and could give her the moon. This part is where the interaction made me wince… I hurt for both of them. But some love lasts a lifetime and seeing Callie again proves that Tate can’t choose who he loves. After all those years, Tate’s feelings for Callie never die – it has just been sleeping awhile. Tate wants the truth and closure as to why Callie left so many years ago, but the answer is something more than he bargained for. Of course there is a twist in this story and I did not really see that coming either. There is also a bit of drama and suspense involving Zack which got my heart racing at the end. I like the characters in this book… Callie is strong, sassy but also loving. Tate is sexy, loyal and a good guy. I always say I like love stories involving children – children are my soft spot and this story is no different. The way Tate adores Callie’s little boy just melted my heart.

This is the first time I read McKella’s book and I really enjoyed the author’s writing style. The dialogues are playful and sassy. The story is told in an alternate point of view while dabbing into past events. Get some tissue ready because when you get about ½ way you will cry at the circumstances surrounding Tate’s little sister. The story is paced nicely from beginning to end and kept my interest the whole time. My only complaint is how Callie and Tate got back together — it was a bit quick. Also the relationship between Tate and Rylee ended too abruptly without much explanation. I understand this is more of a Callie and Tate story, but I would have liked a bit closure for Rylee as she seems like a nice girl. Just to be clear though there is no cheating involved. I think this is a debut novel for author McKella. In my opinion it was an amazing and surprising read – I loved it. Looking forward to more stories from author McKella in the future 🙂

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