Good Girl (Love Unexpectedly #2) by Lauren Layne

4.5 Stars!!

 Jenny Dawson is your girl next door turned Hollywood. She loves making music and sharing it with the world—what she doesn’t love is being stalked by the paparazzi, being accused of affairs, and being suspected of having a burrito baby.  After a tabloid scandal, Jenny retreats to a small town in Louisiana.  She meets Preston Noah Maxwell Walcott, the owner of the estate, who lies to her as he claims to be the caretaker.  Noah is prickly and pushes her away, but Jenny feels drawn to him.  Their time together leads to small talks and some sizzling nights.  Jenny and Noah can’t help but fall in love. Can their love survive all the lies? Can Noah fit in Jenny’s Hollywood life?

I don’t know why but I usually stay away from the Hollywood theme. I guess I just have a hard time connecting with the Hollywood life.  When I found out Lauren Layne was writing a new book, I was ecstatic because she’s one of my favorite authors. She never disappoints in providing me a fun loving romance book. I was a little skeptical going in this book, but I decided to give it a try.  Boy am I happy I did because I think she delivered with this novel.

I really liked Jenny’s character.  For Hollywood, she isn’t Hollywood at all. At her core, she is still just a small town girl. She struggles to fit in and has insecurities like us all. The things people say about her really affect her and she worries all the fame and glamour is going to get to her head. I think I would have all the same fears and flaws if I was in her shoes. She’s down to earth with a solid love for music and it was nice to see her work so hard for her dreams-that she wasn’t just spoon fed her life. I also liked that she’s a modern woman willing to chase a man.  She pursued Noah despite his prickly ways. I’m not so sure I would have been so persistent because he really was a jerk to her.

So…on to Noah. Noah was an interesting character. What a moody guy! I’ve got to give Jenny some love for putting up with him.  I forgive him for his assholes ways because I get his POV and I understand his reasons and reservations. He was quite mean to her at times, but he also knew how to apologize and knew when he went to far.

 “I know he can be a jerk, but he also knows how to apologize. I know he’s grumpy as shit, but he’ll never let a girl walk home alone at night.”

His grumpiness came from a good place. He was doing some soul searching and he was scared.  His vulnerability makes him that much sexier.  I love when he actually opens up.

 “I want a simple life.”

“I want a woman who wants what I want. A woman who’s content to sit on the porch and watch dusk settle over the bayou.”

“Fuck. I must really love this girl.”

I knew Noah was a great guy early on because his friends were adorable. You can’t be a bad guy when you have friends like Finn and Vaughn.  They were freakin adorable!!  They both need their own book…hint hint Miss Layne =).  Noah was blessed to have those two guys in his life.

 “I, for one, don’t regret that your father dragged you into this life, because it means he brought you into mine.”

I wonder if guys are really that sappy sometimes. I sure hope so because their relationship made my heart smile.

The ending brought a smile to my face. Jenny wears her heart on her sleeve and lands herself a really good guy.  I think she might be right about forever.

 “It hits me that there may be no more perfect moments in my life than a quiet night, the man I love, and a porch swing.”

 “I’m feeling forever.”

 This was a fantastic read and I definitely recommend. Happy reading!

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