One Good Reason by Julie Johnson (a review)

One Good Reason
One Good Reason by Julie Johnson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One Good Reason by Julie Johnson ~ 4.5 Stars

**** I fell in love with Julie Johnson’s story Say the Word and I have been looking forward to reading One Good Reason. WHOA!!! What an awesome read this was!!! Julie Johnson is becoming one of favorite authors.

Zoe was dealt a shitty hand of cards early in life. She lost her parents when she was just a little girl. Zoe went to hell and clawed her way back. She survived – thrived, in fact… she is now a successful hacker – a good one at that. She uses her skills to help people and catch dirty criminals. Zoe is a strong heroine with a no bullshit attitude. She has a big job dealing with Lancaster Consolidated – the last thing she needs is romantic entanglements. Least of all from tangle free, wanderlust Parker West.

Parker does not like responsibility or obligation. His mojo involves seizing the moment. Parker spends most of his time chasing adventures around the world. But a family crisis forced Parker to grow up and take over his family business as CEO. The only things he will be chasing now are deadlines. Parker’s life is monotonous and he intends on getting out of dodge as soon as possible. That’s until he comes face to face with the beautiful, mysterious blonde hacker girl. Will he go or will he stay?

One good reason has an interesting plot line — one I have not read in the past. Hacker girl is selfless – she wants to help people and has in fact gotten herself in trouble in the process. Zoe leads us on a suspenseful adventure with the bad boys from Lancaster and even the FBI. The story really kept me intrigued the whole time, not only the budding romance but also the mysterious entanglement that Zoe got herself into.

I really like the author’s writing style – just flawless. The dialogues are full of sassy and witty banters but also the narrative is full of humor. The chemistry between Zoe and Parker are well composed. The main characters connect effortlessly with each other from the time they first meet to the magnetic, passionate romance they feel for each other. Zoe and Parker seem like an unlikely couple but they complement each other – Zoe is sheltered only because she does not have the means to be adventurous. Parker understands this, so he wants to help Zoe see the world in a different light. I absolutely adore both characters. Their love story is sweet but also scorching hot and sexy. The secondary character Lucca is also fantastic. He is such a protective, loyal friend to Zoe. I am not so sure their friendship is 100% platonic – maybe to Zoe, Lucca is a big brother but I think he is secretly in love with her …. Well, I smell romance and I do hope Lucca will have a HEA with a certain red head… Pretty please!!!!

Overall, this was a fantastic read. RomCom with a dash of suspense and whole lot of sexy romance. As I said before, I love Julie Johnson stories and I cannot wait to read her next book – hopefully Lucca’s story.

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