Review: Piper Dreams: Dream it, Seize it, Live it.

Piper Dreams: Dream it, Seize it, Live it.
Piper Dreams: Dream it, Seize it, Live it. by Amélie S. Duncan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*** WHOA! It’s the first time I read author Duncan’s book and what a surprise! Piper Dreams is a perfect combination of finding yourself, falling in love, heartbreak and sacrifice. This story is told in the dual POV which is my favorite as it allows me to understand both Piper and Brody’s minds. Unfortunately, I missed the fact that this is part 1 of 3 books and it’s a full length novel. I really hope I don’t have to wait too long for the continuation of this beautiful story.

Piper is a college student with big dreams of becoming a global journalist and traveling the world – not exactly a walk in the park. Piper has the grades but his professor has doubts. He seems to think Piper lacks a certain passion, spark and that she is too ordinary to be in such a high caliber program. So, Piper convinces her professor to give her one last chance to prove that she can be strong, vibrant and deserving of a recommendation for an advanced program. The journey begins as Piper treks out with a group of cancer survivors documenting their journey of fulfilling their bucket lists.

I really like Piper’s character. She is strong, determined and has a beautiful heart. She was hurt by so many people and the last thing she needs is a distraction from her goal. But expect the unexpected. Piper meets the sexy Brody who is taking his best friend’s fiancé on her bucket list journey. While Brody’s friend is serving the country in the Middle East, Brody promises to take care of her. Brody and Piper are instantly attracted to each other but Brody is not completely available – he does not want any distraction while carrying out his promise to his best friend. Piper tries to be understanding and be patient with Brody but the guilt that Brody carries with him while spending time with Piper can be too much to handle.

I like the plot of this story – a little of bit of finding yourself, fulfilling your dreams, love and loss. There is also a beautiful, complex, sensual and sexy love story. The writing is pretty great too – flows nicely, kept me intrigued until the end. It’s a cliffy ending though so …. waiting patiently on the next installment.
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