Third Base by Heidi McLaughlin (a review).

Third Base
Third Base by Heidi McLaughlin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

SQUEEZZZE! First base, second base, third base, or home run … I will take it ALL!
HOT DAMN!!! This story is amazingly hot, sweet, sexy, and oh so romantic. I was introduced to Heidi McLaughlin by one of my favorite authors Monica James. I met Heidi at the RT convention and got Third Base signed by her. You are right Monica! This author is amazing. I love her writing and this love story is so freaking sweet and heart-felt. I laughed, I cried, and I finished this baby in one sitting!!!!

Told from the male POV (Ethan) one of my favs – Check!
Adorable main characters and secondary characters – Check!
A lot of hot sex – Check!
Swoony Sporting Romance – Check!
All the feels (funny, sad, heart-warming and a fair amount of angst) – Check!
Mysterious plot that kept me intrigued and on my toes – Check! (although I had my suspicions about halfway though).
Gorgeous love story – Check!

Ethan is an obviously successful, sexy, popular guy, but he also has a soft and sweet side. At times I thought he had a bit of a temper but also has a good heart. Daisy – she is so sweet, innocent, and a little quirky. She has a difficult past but she did not let that change her or define who she is. Daisy is strong and determined to take care of herself and her papa. I like how Ethan and Daisy’s relationship slowly developed. Let’s just say there was a lot of eye-fucking from afar for nearly a year before Ethan worked up the nerve to ask Daisy out. They became friends and their romance blossomed. I love that they are both close with their family – I adore stories like this – it makes me all happy and gooey inside. I even like Ethan’s ex-girlfriend. I thought there might be big drama with that relationship but I am glad there was none for a change. The bathroom scene though … I was a little mad at Ethan for running to her right away after their break up. I understand they are on a break but I think personally I would be upset if I found out someone who claimed to have feelings for me was so quick to find another warm bed (or warm shower wink wink wink). But hey, this isn’t about me LOL Their relationship was quite turbulent with lots of ups and downs and make-up sex – best part obviously . However, I think Ethan and Daisy compliment and keep each other grounded. Knowing Daisy helped Ethan realize how to appreciate life and what he has more. Ethan showed Daisy that they can have trust and faith in each other. They both make mistakes but no relationship is perfect and that makes this story real.

Overall, this was a quick, sweet, sexy, and romantic love story. I enjoyed the author’s writing style – it flowed effortlessly from beginning to end. I adored that fact that the author knows so much about baseball and after reading the dedication I understood why (SUPER SWEET). The baseball updates and the gossip columns at the beginning of each chapter were absolutely entertaining. I am so looking forward to The Boys of the Summer # 2 …. Can’t wait!!!!
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