Dark Sexy Knight by Katy Regency (a review)

Dark Sexy Knight
Dark Sexy Knight by Katy Regnery

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**** OMG! OMG! OMG! What an incredible love story! Do any of you remember the movie Rain Man? Well, this book reminds me a little bit of that except soooo much more romantic than Rain man and his brother . Tissue box is a must!

“Give me your doubts and disquiet. I will silence them.” — my favorite quote.

Writing a review of this book with no spoilers is hard but I will do my best. We know that Verity has a disabled brother and he is the only family she has left. Imagine trekking through life taking care of your older, developmentally disabled brother alone. Just the two of them against the world. At 5% of the book I already had tears in my eyes. Verity was desperate to find jobs for herself and her brother in order to keep a dumpy motel room over their heads and food on the table. While attending a job fair she met Colt who plays one of the knights in a theatre show, The Legend of Camelot. Against Colt’s nature, he reluctantly helped the two siblings. Colt does not know it yet but he became Verity’s very own knight that day. He swooped in to save the day – and they ended up saving each other. Varity and Colt slowly became each other’s “sweet place”. What Varity does not know is that her knight in shining armor has a dark secret past – will their love survive the truth? Will Colt be able to change the past in order to build a beautiful future with the only woman he loves?

I honestly cannot get enough of Katy’s gorgeous writing. I love the way Katy brought these complex characters to life. Colt was dealt a shitty past at best. As a result, he is damaged seemingly beyond repair – he hardly smiles and most of the time purposely keeps people at arms-length. Colt is quite a complex character – “sweet and brutal, tender and fierce, taciturn and passionate”. He is also strong, rugged and sexy. I fell in love with Colt right away but not because he is a typical hot guy but rather his beautiful heart – the way he takes care of Verity, her brother and also his family. He quickly became a hero in my mind.

Varity does not seem to mind Colt’s gruff and sometimes violent ways. Varity was drawn to Colt for the same reason – his big heart. I admire Varity’s tenacity. Even in her darkest days, she is resilient and poised for her brother. I love that about a heroine – one who is determined to fight and protect the one she loves. The connection that they have for each other is not only physical. Rather, the dedication and devotion they have for their siblings is what really connects the two lost souls.

“I will love you until I breathe my last breath. And then I will love you through eternity.”

This book obviously has a unique plot loosely inspired by the legend of Camelot — a modern fairytale is born. You have a dark knight meets sweet heroine, rescuing her from the cruel world. This story will pull at your heart strings like no other. Katy delivered not only a beautiful romance, but more than that she inspires us to embrace life and the people in it no matter who they are. Everyone deserves happiness and Katy really gives these characters their fairy-tail happily ever after.

“You are my sweet place too.”

Dark Sexy Knight is simply exquisite! The story moved me so much and left a lasting impression on life, love, perseverance and triumph. The epilogue made my cried tears of joy and my heart danced – so beautiful and touching but I’m most moved by the letter written to the readers about her own experience. I see the passion and inspiration behind this gorgeous story. Behind an incredible love story there is a profound message … so thank you for that. What a special gem this book is!!!

“This is me. And I belong to you.”

I highly recommend everyone read this book! Part of the proceeds will be donated for a good cause. For those of of you who have not read Katy Regnery’s books please start. I fell in love with Vixen and the Vet first but everything else is absolutely delightful as well. I am addicted to all of Katy’s stories – each inspired by a fairytale. I have not yet missed any of Katy’s books and I am already salivating for more.

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