Duncan The Deal by Jade Sinner (a review)

Duncan : The Deal
Duncan : The Deal by Jade Sinner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Duncan is a novella. Contemporary and a bit erotic with a HEA

Duncan owns half a company – rich, sexy-as-sin and a player. He is not short of women throwing themselves at him but it seems he secretly has eyes for one woman, Kimbra, in the HR department. Kimbra is beautiful but does not know it. She is also attracted to the rich playboy but thinks he is way out of her league. One day at the office Kimbra catches (or rather hears) Duncan in a compromising position in the bathroom with a certain employee. She makes him a deal to be quiet – be her date to her cousin’s wedding. Kimbra’s relatives are pretty much all perfect – they are all married or getting married and she is feeling the pressure. Duncan agrees to the terms and then some… strap on your seatbelts for a whole lot of hotness including the mile-high club, bathrooms, everywhere sex, and cum Can they play pretend for the whole weekend? Will Kimbra finally be a bride or forever a bridesmaid?

Duncan was a short read but fun, cute and steamy. Kimbra’s family is slightly crazy and inappropriate so the conversations were absolutely hilarious. Loved it!
Anyway, if you want a hot date night – read this with your significant other – this short reading session guarantees you will “get it on”… Enjoy!

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