Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen (a review)

Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy Hotness! Farm boys everywhere – I am coming for you!!!! I just adore this story!!!!
Such a cute, enjoyable, sexy, and happy Sunday read for me.

Griff is an ex-football star but moves back home to run his family farm after his father passes away. Griff has a nickname of grouchy Griff – well, he is a bit grouchy, brooding, strong and super sexy. Despite his outside facade – he has a big heart.

Audrey is a trained chef but she works for a corporate company in the mean time trying to save up money to open her own restaurant one day. On the verge of losing her job, Audrey has one last trial assignment – visiting various farms in Vermont to buy produce at the cheapest price possible so that her corporate lords can make money. Sounds easy right? Not so much. Audrey finds herself stuck in a ditch on Griff’s property. After a couple quick hook-ups in college the last person Griff expected to see is Audrey. Except this time she is all grown up and sexier than sin… a chef with an extra sassy mouth. Audrey is sweet, silly, and carefree. Who can resist that, right? Not even grouchy Griff. Old flames ignite fast and let me just say get ready for a lot of sexy rolling in the hay.

“You’re the sweet that balances out my natural tannins.”

I really like Sarina’s writing – as I read I have a vivid image in my mind of what this farm looks like. Row and row of fruit trees, beautiful, scenic peaceful surroundings. All the talk about farming are quite entertaining. Also, all the talk about food and cooking made me salivate and eat all day! Probably made me gain like 5 lbs. today Overall, I love the plot and the setting in the countryside. There are a lot of laughs, humor, happy family life, lows, drama and angst. A super romantic, sensual love story. I am looking forward to Jude’s story. He started out on the wrong foot but I really, really hope for him to have a HEA.
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