Idol by Kristen Callihan (a review)

Idol by Kristen Callihan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh man!!!! Just finished Idol, and SQUEEZZZZZZE!!!!! Say hello go my new book boyfriend Killian.
I was in the mood for a cute, sweet, light-hearted story and Idol totally did it for me. The plot is simple – Killian is a sexy rock star who’s found drunk off his ass on Libby’s lawn. She hoses him down clean, feeds him, and the bum refuses to leave. Come to find out he just moved in next door. Libby is cute but a bit reclusive with a sassy mouth. In Killian’s drunken state she is just plain but Libby is anything but. She is talented, sexy and like an addictive drug. Unknown to Libby, Killian is a lead singer for the biggest rock band in the world. He is charming, sexy and also has a big heart. What happens when Libby starts to fall for the bum and finds out about the real Killian?

I just love this book – utterly sweet, sexy, swoony and hilarious as well. Low on angst and drama. The cast of characters are all amazing – vibrant and entertaining. That goes for the whole band. I love all the characters, including their flaws, and the relationships they have with each other. They seem like a tight knit group who routinely fight, but have fun and are very protective of each other. The author’s writing is absolutely fantastic – I was giggling and laughing so hard throughout the whole book. The banters are hilarious and the rest of the book is just plain sexy ‘n sweet romance. The chemistry between those two – scorching hot!!! Even at the beginning when they are just nice neighbors – you can just feel the attraction oozing from them. It’s that good!!! And the hair cut scene? The hottest and sweetest scene in my opinion. I adore Libby and her feisty personality but I am down right SWOONING over Killian. I’m afraid it is not for long though because the next book? It’s about Scottie. Holy mother!!!! It’s going to be a bumpy ride… literally.

Rock star romance, told in both main characters POV. Highly recommended. MUST READ!!!!

I need Scottie’s story NOW!!!!
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