Tailored for Trouble by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff (a review)




4.5 Stars!!

This is the ultimate fairy tale story of finding true love between a Mr. Scrooge, otherwise known as Bennett Wade, and Taylor Reed. Bennett Wade is a no nonsense workaholic ready to take over the world. Taylor Reed is trying to make her mark on the world by improving the CEOs of big companies. After a brief run in with Mr. Wade, Taylor loses her job. Taylor finds herself struggling and starting all over again when Bennett surprises her by offering to hire her. This just might be Taylor’s way to get revenge or maybe she’ll find herself questioning everything she thought was right. All the while, Bennett’s mom is scheming to find him true love. Could a fairytale ending be right under their noses?

This was such a delightful read. It’s a rom com done right and those are hard to do. It’s actually very interesting how Mimi juxtaposes humor and drama. It balances out the story quite well. Bennett’s story is a sad one with a very serious tone, but together with Taylor’s thought process, the Happy Pants Café, and the love cookie, the mood alternates from serious to lighthearted and funny. I found myself laughing and swooning and tearing up at times. This fairy tale was well done; it’s a nice blend of humor and some heavy life lessons. I especially love the idea of love cookies.

“Sure, if there were a cookie that could magically summon your special someone like in a fairytale, how wonderful would that be?”

Yeah…sign me up for those cookies =). Who can resist a good fairytale?

Bennett is intense, but it’s all a façade and when you actually start seeing the real man under the shell of armor he puts up…OMG…he’s a beautiful man with the heart of gold. His soul is beautiful, but tortured. He can’t forgive himself for the past no matter what he does. Taylor gives him hope and shows him the path to find peace and forgiveness in himself. I got to give Taylor credit for her strength and putting up with Bennett because he did some shitty stuff.

 “Six million dollars. That was the price tag for crushing her soul, pride, and dreams. I am going to ruin him. Ruin. Him.”

Taylor is just a hoot. She did start out trying to ruin him, getting revenge on him, but it’s not her; it’s not who she is and she comes to her senses. She’s so real and her inner thoughts crack me up.   She alternates between being disgusted with Bennett to being infatuated him; it’s was funny reading her inner battle.

 “Reed. And that’s Ms. Reed to you. You…pig in a suit.”

 “Okay, we’ll have some innocent mouth sex. Just good old-fashioned, wholesome mouth sex. And that’s it.”

She tries to put up a good fight, but she can’t resist Bennett. He’s just too yummy…plus it’s just some innocent mouth sex…lol. She makes me laugh.

But truly, Bennett and Taylor have something real. They have a spark and I can feel it. I love the falling in love stage and I definitely enjoyed watching Bennett and Taylor fall in love.

 “Because no one has ever looked at me like you do, like they truly get me, the real me.”

 “He’s not dipped her, touched her, or made any moves to her than to press his beautiful mouth to hers, and it undid her. Com.Plete.Ly.”

Ahh…just beautiful. Is their love fate or because of the magic love cookie they ate? I don’t know, but they were meant to be. This was just a magical story full of beautiful and humorous moments. I definitely recommend it. Happy reading!

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