Truly, Madly, Sweetly (Sweet Love #1) by Kira Archer (a review)


4 Stars!!

What a stinking cute book!

Natalie Moran has just inherited a parking spot for her cupcake food truck. The only problem is Eric Schneider, a business man, has inherited the bakery attached to the parking spot. Such an odd situation! Both want both spots, both refuse to sell…the only thing left is to work together. Natalie and Eric work out a plan where Natalie will help Eric set up his bakery (since he knows nothing about baking) in exchange for using his kitchen. The more time they spend together, the more things heat up. Their chemistry is on fire, but is it wise to cross the boundaries while both want something the other has?

Heck yes they should cross the boundaries! =) Natalie and Eric are the most adorable couple. I love how they meet…cupcake and gelato… what perfect nicknames for them. They are perfect for each other in every way…the way they both love chocolate, their kind hearts, and the way they both wear their heart on their sleeves. I was never worried about them using each other for their business assets because they liked each other before they even knew what they both inherited. They both jump all in when it comes to relationships; so of course, they’ve both been burned in the past, especially Natalie. I can’t blame either of them for their initial caution of each other. But eventually, their hearts take over and they know what they have is real.

“Nothing else going on in their lives mattered. Just him, just them, just this moment.”

“He kissed her gently on the temple and let his eyes close, his heart beating in time to hers.”

They chemistry is on fire. I love how they become friends first before officially trying to date. The time they spend together laughing, playing, and fighting got all the butterflies churning in my stomach. I love the buildup in their relationship; it just makes their union that much sweeter.

There is a misunderstanding in the end and I don’t blame Natalie at all for the way she reacted. Eric is such a mama and daddy’s boy that I was frustrated too, but in the end, he comes to his senses and does the right thing. I love how he fights for Natalie. It’s so damn sweet. Natalie has a lot “quirks” and I love the way he celebrates her uniqueness. He gets her, knows her, and loves her. I just adored this sweet book. I think I’m becoming a Kira Archer fan. =) Happy reading!

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