Addicted by Elle Kennedy (a review)

Addicted by Elle Kennedy

My rating: 4.5 Stars

**** Well HOT DAMN! That was a mind-fuck experience. So, I did not read Claimed (book one of the series), which is a disadvantage because I was initially confused about the “world” all these people are living in… why people are always afraid, training and prepared for fights. I also wondered why Lennox, Jamie and a few friends run seeking home with Connor’s band of Outlaws in the first place. This book feeds the same characters from the first book but after a couple of chapters, I was able to catch on and enjoy the story. It’s a standalone, friend-to-lover romance between Lennox and Jamie. They have been friends since childhood, hence they are the only ones that understand each other. They vow to protect and always be at each others sides. At one point or another they were attracted to each other but neither wanted to cross the line for fear of losing their friendship.

After the attack, Lennox was forced to take up residence with Connor’s band of Outlaws. Lennox has always been protective of Jamie but in this new place Lennox can no longer treat her like a sister. Jamie belongs to him – he can no longer stand watching other men taking claims. Everything starts to change when Jamie insists on attending camp with Lennox. The two pretend hard to be best friends but they continuously taunt each other; jealousy gets in the way. Eventually, the attraction and chemistry ignites – there is no going back. Their relationship is quite turbulent at times. Lennox is sexy and all alpha, although he can be quite a softie with Jamie. Jamie can be sweet yet stubborn and tough as nails – she wants to be independent and strong – she is not afraid of getting out there and training. Be forewarned, there is quite a bit of sex in this book – different partners, open in front of people, sometimes very ménage a trois style. It’s quite a different way of living as Outlaws but hot and sexy just the same. Besides the love story between the main characters there is a very entertaining plot with drama and suspense that keeps you on your toes. This book reminds me a little bit of the Divergent series 😉 Overall, it was quite a compelling read. If you are looking for an erotic, steamy, gritty romance with a bit of suspense this is the book for you. Looking forward to Ruled (Outlaws, # 3).
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