His by Brenda Rothert (a review)

His by Brenda Rothert

My rating: 4.5 Stars

WOW! Okay I started HIS after the kiddos were down and I finished it at 3 am. I could not put this book down for the life of me. That is how much this story totally captivated my attention from the beginning until the end. Brenda Rothert is seriously one of my favorite authors – I read her book Blown Away for the first time and I was obsessed with her writing since.

I really like the heroine Quinn – she is strong and such a badass. Quinn escaped with her younger sister from a desperate and horrifying situation. At the time, they were both minors and she had no choice but to run away or be badly hurt. Quinn and her sister live on the street of New York for four years scavenging for food from dumpsters. Quinn has to learn to fend for herself and her sister the best way she knows how. For such a young person, she has a big chip on her shoulders and it really broke my heart to see what they both went through – desperate for food and warm shelter but a break never came… Until… she met Andrew.

Andrew had been burned once before and he vowed to stay away from attachments and commitment. Andrew is smart and driven. He is well off, owns his own company but lives modestly in a warehouse. Andrew’s outlet is meaningless hook ups and proposition women. Andrew is strong, he commands attention and expects nothing but perfection from his staff; but deep down Andrew has fears, insecurity and secrets of his own. After one night with Quinn, Andrew was intrigued by her strength and tenacity – he wanted to know more. Will Andrew finally be the one who saves Quinn or will she be the one that saves him?

This book is really well-written. I was really drawn to the characters and the plot. I understand each character and their actions. What Quinn did to some might not be as commendable but she has her reasons and I understood that. Desperate situations call for desperate measures. I also love the hero. He appears tough but has such a big heart. He has been through tough times in the past that cause him a lot of pain and that really shaped who he is now. I enjoyed the banters between Andrew and Quinn – they are both stubborn and tough and that makes for very entertaining dialogues. I also like that the relationship buildup was slower – it’s more realistic to me. However, once things heat up the chemistry between Andrew and Quinn is quite sizzling and scorching hot. The only thing I felt a little disconnect with was Bean. I was saddened by the fall out – I thought it was quick; Secretly I was hoping he has a good life as well since he was loyal and protective of the sisters for so long. I love the ending and the epilogue of course – it’s very Pretty Woman-ish Perfect ending to a wonderful book. This book has got a little bit of everything, – angst, love, suspense… heart-wrenching at times. It’s about making sacrifice, hope and survival despite the desperate situation. What fantastic love story!!!! HIS is definitely my new favorite of Brenda Rothert. Can’t wait to read more of her books in the future.
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