Hard to Serve by Laura Kaye (a review)

Hard to Serve
Hard to Serve by Laura Kaye

My rating: 5 Stars

Okay let’s face it – Hard to Serve was HOT HOT HOT!!!! For a novella, this is a 5 star read for me. Laura sure knows how to deliver a sexy, passionate, erotic romance and with substance. She has a nice sweet storyline in addition to all the passionate BDSM/love making.

Detective Kyler is a sexy, alpha male and owner of an exclusive play club called Blasphemy. Mia is the director of the city’s hottest art gallery. She is a beautiful, talented, and independent person, but submissive in the bedroom. Mia gets a temporary membership at Blasphemy – with relentless encouragement from her friend, Mia finally works up her nerve and visits the place. There she meets Kyler. He cannot not keep his eyes off Mia. He is determined to make Mia submit to him. Kyler and Mia’s chemistry inside and outside of the bedroom is explosive. As their relationship burns hotter, Kyler finds out who Mia really is and it does not look good. She is the daughter of his newfound boss. He is caught in the middle of an internal affairs investigation and is not on the good side of his boss at the moment. What will he do? Will he choose his job or continue the forbidden relationship with Mia? Will his heart survive when Mia finds herself another Dom?

Hard to Serve felt like a full book to me. There is a complete storyline – one I have not read before detective/Dom and submissive daughter of his boss. The element of forbidden love is very intriguing and appealing — I could not put it down. The chemistry between the two main characters is clearly conveyed as passionate, sensual yet erotic and dark. Of course I love the sweet, sweet ending. I think this is an introduction to Laura’s next series Blasphemy which I can’t wait to read. I don’t read a whole lot of erotic genres but I am very intrigued by their BDSM lifestyle. Besides, I am a huge fan of Laura Kaye’s writing and stories – flawless, so I am really looking forward to more. I would love to see stories of the secondary characters Griffin and Quinton.

Overall, this was a fantastic short read. Sizzling, steamy, panty-dropping HOT! Read it 🙂
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