A Heart’s Desire by Kris Michaels (a review)

A Heart's Desire
A Heart’s Desire by Kris Michaels

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Former FBI agent Liam was dealt shit cards. Everyone failed him including his own people. Liam went to hell and back and now secludes himself from the outside world except for this cat Phil. Unfortunately, a sadistic serial killer is now on the loose, so Liam is forced to help the FBI bring him in (using him for bait)? Liam has no choice but to face his nightmares or lose his pension. Agent McKenzie is assigned to protect Liam. McKenzie is not a person you want to mess with. The FBI wants to manipulate and control but McKenzie promises safety and is protective of Liam. Is McKenzie simply doing his duty or is there something else brewing inside? For years McKenzie would be someone Liam desires and lusts over but now he is damaged beyond repair. Can he trust McKenzie with his life and with his heart?

Whoa! I love this romance storyline between Liam and McKenzie. M/M is starting to be my new Fav. Liam is damaged and my heart broke for what he had to endure for that 13 days. Actually that was really difficult to read – I had to sort of skip through a few parts to avoid nightmares. McKenzie is strong, sexy and has such a big heart and a gentle soul. The way he took care of Liam and protected him is downright swoony. I also enjoyed the twists and turns and the suspense throughout the story. I thought the thriller plot was well written which kept me intrigued until the end. There is not a boring moment for sure. Between the crime scenes, gruesome murder details and the investigation, you will be on your toes. I enjoy the wooing part but I thought the sex came a little bit fast I thought there would be more back and forth struggling and angst since Liam has such a nightmarish past. But anyhow, the sex, the heat and passion between the sheets is definitely sizzling hot. The romance was also sweet. I actually rarely read thrillers/crime romance but I thought this book has a nice balance between suspense and a love story. The finale gave me a heart attack and once again my heart hurts for Liam. I think Liam will always carry baggage and demons from all that he suffered, but I am happy he found a man who loves him and will be there for him though his dark moments. If you are looking for a sexy M/M romance with a heart-pounding thriller plot – Kris nailed this one!!! HOT, drama, angst, suspense, love… you got it all!!!
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