Moonshot by Alessandra Torre (a review) MUST READ!

Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG!!! Big SQUEEZE!!!! I LOVE this story so much it hurts. Sport romance – sexy, sweet, forbidden, angsty, and with a dose of suspense.

I read most of Alessandra Torre’s books — some are cute and sweet, some are suspenseful – LOVED them all; but Moonshot has a perfect combination of heart-breaking forbidden romance, intense angst, love, super sexiness, and a twist… I think Moonshot is my new FAV of hers. I am on a beach vacation and I read this masterpiece in one sitting with an ocean view…How perfect is that, right?

The first time Chase met Ty, she was only seventeen. Ty is the daughter of a legend – a forbidden fruit. The Yankees has been her family and her home for as long as she can remember. After a scandal Chase created he was traded to the Yankees with his playboy tail between his legs. That turns out to be a distraction for Ty. “Like what you see?” OMG – you have to read to find out…talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Ty has been in love with Chase forever (she just doesn’t know it) so she was ecstatic that Chase is now at her home turf. She knows everything about Chase his stats but also his manwhore way … that is not an advantage for Chase. Ty is a straight arrow — no bullshit around her. The minute Chase lays eyes on a sweet innocent beautiful blonde he was a goner but she was still young. All bets are off though when Ty turns 18. The two become friends and so the romance begins. But Ty and Chase are both young – one big mistake shatters their hearts and changes the course of their life. I have to tell you this part broke me right along with them. It was excruciatingly painful and heart breaking to read. Nice job Alessandra!

Four years later, faith brought them together again back at the Yankee stadium where they fell in love many years ago. This time around Ty is Chase’s new owner. The love they had for each other comes to the front. Can they resist the temptation? Will there be a second chance? There is a mystery to be solved in the process and that added a nice suspense aspect to the story.

Moonshot is everything I want – a perfect combination of sport romance, second chance romance, forbidden love, and a dose of mystery. You will not be able to put it down and this is why: the love journey is intense, full of passion and angst and I promise you will feel all of it. The plot is intriguing with a twist. Their romance is a whirlwind roller coaster ride. Even in the end the happily ever after is bittersweet. Without spoilers, I want to mention that I like that the author does not sugar coat the actions and mistakes both Ty and Chase make – it’s the choice they made and the consequences that come they have to live with. Moonshot was a magnificent read. LOVE everything about it – the banters, the baseball talks, the narrative, the unique plot, the surprise twist and the epic love story. This book AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ, and I guarantee a book hangover…. I am sad it ended. I WANT MORE!!!
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