Stroked by Meghan Quinn (a review)

Stroked by Meghan Quinn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Your looks might have gotten me interested, but it’s your heart that will keep me around.”

HOT! HOT! HOT! Stroked is awesome! I read all Meghan Quinn’s books and I really can’t seem to get enough of her stories. I love love love her sense of humor and this book is no exception. Stroked is ridiculously hilarious, and with the hotness of the Greek god Reese I’m in heaven.

Stroked is told in three POVs which was interesting – Reese, Paisley and the crazy villain Bellini. You are probably wondering why Bellini is important enough to get her own POV but don’t panic; there is a twist – an element of surprise as to what the relationship is between Bellini and Reese. I promise there is absolutely no cheating or bed hopping

So the hero Reese King is a two-time Olympic silver medalist, an underwear model and a Greek god. He is not short of women who want to touch his … ahem… 2 silver medals … Reese is obviously a sexy athlete, all alpha with smoldering good looks. But under all the hotness he is sweet, caring and has a heart of gold. This Olympic games is his last and Reese is hoping to chase the elusive gold medal. He can’t afford to be distracted from his intense training. Well, no such luck!

Bellini is just a spoiled rich b**tch with capital B who every time she opens her mouth diarrhea comes out. The woman has no tact, is mean and absolutely insane to everyone around her. Ugh! I loathed her. She has no ambition and the only thing she is good at is riding on rich daddy’s coattail.

Paisley is beautiful, funny, and slightly quirky. After losing her job she was trying to get her foot back in the door. Unfortunately for her she landed an assistant job with the train wreck Bellini. That’s when she met Reese. Paisley wants to stay professional but can she resist the handsome Olympian? Well, let’s just say the chemistry between Reese and Paisley ignited like July 4th fireworks – intense at the time but mostly sexy, playful, cute and light-hearted. I obviously love the two main characters but Bellini added the crazy funny elements to the story. She is so ridiculous but she brought out the extra sweetest in Reese when he went all protective with Paisley. Meghan really is incredible at writing a good Rom Com – belly laugh funny and panty-dropping sexy.

Stroked is a perfect read just in time for the Olympics. If you don’t know it by now Meghan loves the Olympic games and the sexy men .

“Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up.”

Let’s go team USA!!!


I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. TY!

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