Bossman by Vi Keeland (a review)

Bossman by Vi Keeland

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until you find it.”

SQUEEZZZZ!!!! Bossman is an absolutely fantastic read. From the very first paragraph (the phone message) I could not peel my eyes off the kindle if I tried. It got my attention right away and the fun kept on coming until the very last page – this book was so addicting I devoured it in a couple hours. Bossman seriously turned me into a giggling school girl; I was pretty sure I had a stupid smile on my face the whole time.

So Reese was hiding in the hallway of the bathroom leaving a phone message for her best friend to fake call and get her out of an awful date. Unfortunately, she was caught by a mysterious stranger lurking in the same hallway and he called her out on it. Reese finally got rid of the overly opinioned arrogant so she thought … until he decided to invite himself to Reese’s table for a double date. The stranger pretended they were long lost friends and proceed to tell elaborate, embarrassing stories about their fake childhood. Reese also traded equally embarrassing stories about his um… situation … OMG! I was dying from laughing so hard

The second and third time they met was no less embarrassing and unimpressive for Reese. The last thing she’d expect is to show up to a new job and find him at the same place. What’s worse? He is her new boss, Chase. WHOA! Talk about office romance! Vi Keeland hit this one out of the park. The chemistry between Chase and Reese is off the chart – seriously panty dropping, sizzling, sexy and full of passion. Chase is a super-hot and successful self-made business man. With that comes a confident, cocky attitude — Chase is not afraid to voice what he wants and what he wants is Reese in his bed. God Lord! That man is is too much! But underneath all the cockiness Chase is sweet, caring, thoughtful, and protective of the one he loves. SWOONS!!!!

Reese is beautiful, honest, funny, smart, hard-working and fierce. She is not afraid to speak her mind either and that includes talking to her new boss . Reese is a bit nutty and that’s what I love most about her. Her character seriously makes me smile and happy. The two of them are a perfect match!

“You have my heart. Promise me you’ll keep it safe.”

Here is a kick though; besides the fun, sweet and sexy love story there is a very heartfelt story of both Reese and Chase’s troubles/painful past which shaped who they are today. For this part you will need some tissues. I was misty eyed and my heart hurts for them. They both had struggles; they had to learn to let go and forgive in order to move forward and build a new beautiful future. This surprising part of the book was so emotional and heartfelt. I think the author left a powerful message of survival, perseverance, forgiveness and unconditional love.

Bossman is simply gorgeous! It’s a standalone, told in dual POV, and god help me! The epilogue is just epic. SWEET and SWOONY!!! MUST READ!

“Don’t focus on the what ifs. Focus on what is.”


I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thank You!

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