The Summer Games: Out of Bounds by R.S Grey (a review)

Out of BoundsOut of Bounds by R.S. Grey

My rating: 4.5 stars.

Holy Smoke! Out of Bounds was seriously intense… HOT, HOT, HOT!
What an incredibly enjoyable read. Right in time for the summer Olympic game.

This is the first time I read R.S Grey books and I am totally in LOVE. Well, actually I read her 2 books back to back – Settling the Score first and then right into Out of Bounds. I like Settling the Score a lot but I LOVE LOVE Out of Bounds. I have to say Our of Bounds is my favorite probably because it’s forbidden, angsty, enemy to lover romance 🙂

Brie is on her way to greatness. She is leading the women gymnastic team heading to the summer Olympic. Brie is all but 5’2’’ fire ball. She is determined to win not only the team gold but she craving each individual events more. Brie devoted her life to this sport so this is her chance to be the best; but Brie also carry a chip on her shoulder. Without a father figure, it’s Brie and her mom against the world. Brie’s mom sacrifices her life to make sure Brie has an opportunity to be a gymnast, pouring all the money into lessons and competitions. Most day, they are just scrapping by. Brie is desperate to win hoping with the win come a hefty amount of money and endorsements to set them up for a better life. Will the pressure be too much for young Brie? Can she excel or crumple under pressure? On top of that she got a brand new coach at training camp – will he be too much of a distraction?

Erik Winter is arrogant. He is handsome, talented and he knows it. I mean at 29 years old young, you don’t get appointed to train the best of the best gymnasts for no reason right? Erik is intense, intimidating and cruel. He has to have a huge side balls in order to deal with 5 hard-headed teenagers and veteran gymnasts. Erik sees something special in Brie and we are not talking just talents on the beams guys … Erik is attracted to Brie but he knows she is off limit – will that stop him though?

Well, I have to say the author did an incredible job with the characters and the plot. Not to mention Erik and Brie’s chemistry – did I mention uber sexy? The two of them are so much alike – both strong and short tempered which make for some explosive banters. Erik and Brie has a perfect love/hate, cat/mouse, passionate relationship. Everything about their relationship screams sensual maybe even erotic. There one scene in particular happened in the yoga room was very exciting. I see where the author is going with it – loosen up Brie a little but personally I was not feeling it … I would be more turned on if it was the two of them doing the deed in there 🙂 but minor detail …. the whole scene is pantry dropping sexy and sexual just the same.

Over all, I really enjoyed this book. I think it is well written with a perfect combination of catching story line and superb writing. Out of Bounds is sexy, forbidden and full of angsts. Both main characters are likable, real. I also like Brie’s teammates with the exception of maybe one… she seems to have a stick up her butt the whole time. What a gorgeous sport romance!!! LOVED IT.
I am definitely looking forward to more books from R.S Grey.

Thank you for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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