Undisputed by A.S Teague (a review)

Undisputed Undisputed by A.S. Teague

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, did I understand this right? A DEBUT novel? Just WOW! I am speechless. Undisputed is simply phenomenal. This story definitely slayed me – utterly heart-breaking, emotional, and touching…Cries…

Breccan is the undisputed MMA light heavy weight champion. He is a playboy, sexy, popular with the women. He fights hard and fuck harder after. Breccan does not do relationship at all. Lately, Breccan has been spiraling out of control with partying and drinking. On a typical night out at a club, Breccan met Sidney. She was on a rare night off celebrating her birthday. Sidney is a beautiful red-head, funny, corky and with a smart mouth. They hit if off right away but Breccan was tipsy and by the end of the night he blew it.

Fast forward several weeks, Sidney has returned to her everyday life looking after her terminally ill nephew. Although the hot man was not far from her mind, Sidney does not think she will ever see him again. Meanwhile, the mess Breccan left at the club made for bad press and required major damage control before his next big fight. So, after some heavy dose of convincing from Breccan’s camp, he reluctantly agreed to meet with a certain nephew to fulfill the kid’s make-a-wish. Little did Breccan know, a supposedly one-time visit with Connor changed the course of his life forever.

And so, Breccan and Sidney crossed path again. This time, Breccan is supposed to show Connor a good time but he can’t help but has eyes for Connor’s beautiful aunt too. This part of the story going forward really melted my heart. Breccan turned out to be an incredibly sweet guy, genuine, and with a heart of gold. He is not perfect by any mean but he is definitely SWOONY. Sidney is sweet and caring. I really admire her strength and determination. She made sacrifices in order to take care of Connor. She tries to be strong and independent but while she is taking care of everyone, who is taking care of her? My heart really breaks for the two of them.

I have to say I am addicted to the author’s writing. Debut or not, this book is well written. I was hooked to the plot and the characters right away. Every turn of events flowed smoothly from beginning until the end. There was not a single moment in the book that lost my interest. I love how Breccan and Sidney’s relationship grows slowly over time even though the attraction and chemistry was present early on. Their relationship is just sensual, sweet and beautiful.

But, this book isn’t just about a love story. A big part of this book is about Connor. Connor is sweet, funny, smart, honest – a typical kid with the love for sports and fast cars. He suffers terribly at such a young age. This part of the book was especially hard for me to read (there is a reason why I am not a pediatric nurse – I simply cannot deal with children suffering). Without spoiling the story for you I am only going to say that prepare your heart because it will be shattered.

Final thought – Undisputed is a MUST READ! This is a beautiful love story between a man and a woman, a love for family, a journey of one’s redemption, friendship, heart-break, healing and finding happiness. The story is emotional, heart-warming, bittersweet but not lacking a bit of humor, angst and sexiness.

Plot, characters and beautiful writing = 5 astonishing stars.

I am 100% looking forward to A.S. Teague next book!!!!! Give this a chance. I loved it and I hope you will too.


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