Broken Pieces by Allie Able (a review)

Broken Pieces
Broken Pieces by Allie Able
Broken Pieces (Cape Isle # 3) by Allie Able ~ 4.5 Stars

Zack: I made a promise to myself the day I met Lexie Sinclaire—a promise that I would protect her. What I didn’t expect was to fall in love with my best friend. For eighteen years I have kept my feelings for her a secret, always waiting for the right time to tell her. So, when that time finally comes, the unthinkable happens and I find myself doubting if she is the one who can mend my broken pieces.

Lexie: I never realized Zack’s true feelings for me. I should have seen them all along, but I didn’t and now it may be too late. My strong best friend is crumbling, barely holding on. I’m scared that his broken pieces are too fractured and I’m not sure if I’m capable of holding them together.

*** Broken Pieces is a standalone, friends to lovers romance.

Gosh, what a beautiful story this was! Love comes in all forms – in Broken Pieces, Allie showcased a gorgeous love story between a man and a woman, love between friends and a love between mother and son.

In the prologue, we were introduced to Zack and Lexie as children. They met each other in the playground shortly after Zack lost his father and moved to a new town.

“Your daddy must have been really special. My momma says that God only picks the special people to go to heaven early.”

Those little words Lexie uttered were meant to comfort a little lost boy, but little did she know that her kind words saved him a year later. After that day, Zack made a promise that he would protect his new little angel friend. What he did not expect was to fall in love with her.

Fast forward 18 years, Zack has grown into handsome, sexy firefighter. He is not short of women falling over for him. Zack casually dates women but never has a real relationship or falls in love. He knows where his heart belongs but is too afraid to ruin the friendship he has with Lexie. Lexie has also grown into a beautiful woman. She is a bit quirky and has absolutely no brain to mouth filter but that’s what Zack loves most about her. Lexie recently broke up with her boyfriend and is not in a hurry to dive into another relationship, especially since she hasn’t been able to shake off her stalker ex. Lexie and Zack continue to spend time with each other but sometimes the heart has its own mind and you cannot fight your feelings forever. Lexie begins to have more than a platonic friendship toward Zack. Will Zack and Lexie finally give in to their hearts and give love a chance???

This book has a little bit of everything I want in a romance – a whole lot angst, passion, and romance. Allie really nailed the passion parts guys – get ready to be all hot and bothered with some of the scenes. There is also a little bit of drama with Lexie’s ex-boyfriend – the way Zack went all alpha protecting Lexie is quite sexy and swoony. The last part of the story also got me all teary seeing the love Zack has for his mother. Zack and Lexie’s relationship was tested in light of tragedy but the love and bond they have for each other runs beyond deep. Lexie has always been a compassionate and caring person. Can she help mend Zack’s heart and put his broken pieces back together once again?

I have to give Broken Pieces an A for an awesome storyline – sweet, sexy, emotional. The writing is by far the best of all Allie’s works – nice pace, kept me guessing and intrigued from the beginning until the end. The way she narrates the scenes throughout the book just make me want to pack a bag and move to the ocean. I adore this author and her story – Friends to lovers is one of my favorite romances. Short and sweet – LOVED it. Give it a go!!! ❤
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