Neighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward (a review)


WHOA! WHOA Ms. Ward – another masterpiece!!! You know what? I have decided whatever Penelope writes, I read… Simple as that. If you are a fan of her, you will not be disappointed. This book is a standalone, friends to lovers, heart-warming love story.

Chelsea has just gotten off a bad relationship, having been dumped by her ex Elec. Chelsea thought Elec was her soulmate until he shattered her heart by choosing to be with his stepsister instead. Chelsea moved in to another apartment hoping to find peace, heal her heart and have a fresh start. The last thing she needs is an annoying, sexy, brooding neighbor who owns two loud mouth dogs that will not stop barking. On top of that, he has been eavesdropping on Chelsea’s conversation with her therapist through a hole in her bedroom. Chelsea and Damien’s first encounter was unfriendly and awkward to put it mildly but leave it to Penelope to “change the story” … will Chelsea have a HEA that she deserves?

I really like both main characters in this story. Chelsea is quirky, beautiful, sweet, real – wears her heart on her sleeves… Damien is a sexy, talented artist and a bit brooding but has a good heart (maybe :)). Chelsea found Damien to be absolutely infuriating at first but the more she gets to know him the more she falls head over heels; except Damien is giving her mixed signals. Damien does not want to start a relationship with Chelsea but at the same time he is protective of Chelsea and even get extremely jealous when she shows interest in someone else. That was frustrating to read but be patience … Damien has a big secret and boy I did not not expect that at all … I was knocked on my butt by his revelation and all of a sudden everything made perfect sense. Their love story is nothing short of sweet, beautiful and heart-warming.

Neighbor dearest is everything I wanted in a romance. A gorgeous love story filled with funny/cute banters, angst, sexy, and a little bit of emotional moments as well. I adore the swoony hero – thoughtful and compassionate toward Chelsea. The author’s writing is definitely addicting – sucked me into the story from beginning until the end. Starts out with a heart breaking prologue, levels out in the middle with an up/down/angsty relationship, and explodes at the end. I love the epilogue – so sweet, blissful and complete. Penelope changed the story and I LOVE IT!!!

Highly recommended! ❤ ~ 5 Stars

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