Sacred Serenity by Audrey Carlan (a review)

Sacred Serenity

WOW! Guys, I am so in love with the Lotus House series … BIG TIME! I was first introduced to Audrey Carlan from the first book Resisting Roots which I thought was absolutely unique. Sacred Serenity is no different – a beautiful love story surrounding the teaching of yoga. Audrey Carlan continues to surprise me with her stories. This one in particular, I can only describe as not only sensual but an education and spiritual experience.

So what is tantric yoga? Tantric yoga pushes your body, mind, and soul to meld with your partner in ways the average relationship never experiences. Deeply sensual and highly sexual, tantric yoga is for true believers.
Dash Alexander is a tantric practitioner. Dash has it all – handsome with a sexy body, a sensual nature and of course unique teaching style. No wonder women and men alike flock to him for a sensual experience where two partners connect body, souls and spirits through the practice of tantric yoga. Well, except Amber St. James… she is not looking for the tantric experience. Amber is a premed major, simply looking to finish a project for her human sexuality course. Amber is also a virgin with little knowledge of sex – a personal and religious choice she made to save herself for the one man that she will spend the rest of her life with. Dash agreed to help Amber with her project with one condition – she has to assist him teaching tantric yoga, which means participating … Dear God! You get the idea of what happens in those sessions don’t you?

Sacred Serenity was such a sweet, sexy, sensual read. I adore both main characters. Dash is handsome, sexy and confident. Amber is beautiful, sweet and innocent. Although Dash and Amber’s ideas about relationships are vastly different, opposites do attract – their chemistry is undeniable. Hint – The part where Dash and Amber bond spiritually for the first time totally gave me goose bumps. Dash believes in love, commitment, and soulmates but not traditional marriage where two people are bound together by a piece of paper. Amber however, only wants to give the purest part of herself to the man that is her husband. This book tackles the issue of keeping the faith. Can love, commitment and bonding to one another spiritually be enough for Amber to break her vow in order to be with Dash, a man she believes to be the one?

Sacred Serenity definitely is a gorgeous love story filled with passion, angst, and wicked wild sex (even without sealing the deal) Holy shit! I could not believe what I was reading with the part where their bodies are experiencing “enlightenment together” … you just have read and see. There are some serious passionate, sexually charged scenes that will leave you panting and begging for more.
I really LOVE the Lotus House series and it gets better with each book. I cannot wait for Devine Desire – naked yoga. The excerpt already had me giggling so hard – it’s going to be good I just know it! Audrey Carlan is one of my go to author… I’m addicted to her unique story line and I might have been looking up a lot of information on Yoga lately 🙂

THIS IS A MUST READ!!!! ~ 5 Stars

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