Refrain by Kennedy Ryan (a review)

Refrain by Kennedy Ryan ~ 4.5 Stars

“I see you, baby. I live you.”

This is a third and final book of Rhyson & Kai’s EPIC love story! Cries…

In the previous two books, Rhyson and Kai went through a very tumultuous journey but they prevailed and finally found their way to each other. Refrain brought back these beautiful characters and their journey to HEA. I did not realize how much I missed them until I started reading Refrain. I just fell in love with these two love birds all over again.

Rhyson is a rock star – hot, successful and making his own music. Kai is a rising star, ready to make a name for herself. The two love birds are in blissful love. Rhyson is just absolutely swoony – he is caring, protective, and supportive of Kai. You can tell he is head over heels in love with his woman. Kai is on her way to stardom with no shortage of interviews and contracts to keep her busy. But Rhyson and Kai always find time for each other and let me say their chemistry continues to be scorching hot…. Damn! Kennedy knows how to write super sexy scenes.

I love the plot of this third book. There is a lot of sweet romance, heartwarming experiences, sexy times, but also a touch of drama. Just when I thought it was smooth sailing, life throws a curve ball. Success and fame come with a price and their relationship was tested. But Rhyson and Kai love each other fiercely and will fight every last breath to persevere. Kennedy’s writing is beautiful and luckily she gave us another heart melting, dreamy romance that you will not soon forget.

There are two books My Soul To Keep and Down To My Soul before Refrain that I recommend you read first, featuring the beginning of Rhyson and Kai’s relationship. But I think this book can be read as a standalone because it picks up their story as a couple with a fresh plot. Highly recommended ❤

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