Down Shift by K. Bromberg (a review)

Down Shift
Down Shift by K. Bromberg

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Everyone’s churning ocean is fueled by a different type of storm.”

HOLY CRAP!!! This book has me gasping at the very first chapter – what an intense introduction to Zander’s life (hint – an interaction between Zander and his father Colton). It was the perfect set up for the rest of an incredible novel. I am a huge fan of K. Bromberg and I expect nothing less from her – a gorgeous, emotional love story of Zander and Getty. This book took my breath away from beginning until the end. You DO NOT want to miss this guys.

This book is a standalone but if you follow the Driven series you know that Zander was adopted when he was quite young. Zander had a very unfortunate childhood in an abusive household. He went to an orphanage and eventually was adopted by the great race car driver Colton and his beautiful wife Rylee. Now at the age of 26, Zander himself is a popular race driver well on his way to greatness. But Zander’s life quickly spirals out of control when a mysterious box from his deceased mother arrived at his door steps. Zander cannot deal with what he had found out about his past. He dives into reckless drinking – as a result loses his family and his career. A few months later, Zander moves to a small island, attempting to clear his mind and right his wrongs in order to redeem himself and win back his life. There he meets Getty. Getty is running away from an abusive past. She wants to start fresh, rebuild her life and for the first time be independent of everyone. The last thing she needs is a sexy, moody, complicated, arrogant Zander for a roommate. The first meeting had me rolling on the floor laughing so hard I might have peed my pants. It was seriously hilarious. The two were forced to live together and so the journey begins…

“I can’t knowingly walk you into my storm without showing you where the lighthouse is so you have a way out before you even begin.”

The relationship between Zander and Getty is complicated. Zander is stubborn and infuriating but with a such kind heart. Getty is such a sweetheart, beautiful but broken and scarred seemingly beyond repair. They hate each other at first. Neither are looking for a relationship but slowly they become friends and eventually can’t fight the attraction they have for each other. What I love most is how the relationship progresses. Love does not come easy for either of them. The two main characters are so broken, flawed, and full of demons. They have suffered so much turmoil and heart break in their lives that it is difficult to open their hearts and trust someone new. They have to fight for each other every step of the way and I think that’s what makes their love strong, real, and everlasting.

This book is everything you could ask for – fun, laugh out loud moments, sexy, angsty, heart- warming and absolutely well-written. From the very beginning the writing captivated me right away and did not stop until I finished. Most people wonder how I can say I read a book in one sitting … but let me tell you, once I find a book that has me at the first chapter I will have no problem staying up all night. Down Shift is THAT book!!! Captivating, fun, adorable characters, emotional, steamy – all balled up in unquestionably fantastic writing. What an AMAZING READ!
“Just jump” guys! ONE-CLICK this one – you will not be disappointed.

PS: I would like to quickly mention that I love Colton in Driven but I absolutely ADORE the older version of him in this book – wise, caring, and full of love and tender for the people closest to him. I think that make him sexier than ever! I have to go back and do a reread 🙂

I received this ARC from NG in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to the author and publisher.

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