Can’t Touch This by Tess Hunter (a review)

Can't Touch This
Can’t Touch This by Tess Hunter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow what an unexpected pleasant surprise! This is the first book I read of Pepper Winters and I LIKE IT A LOT. Can’t Touch This literally came out of nowhere. I have not seen any cover or promotion about this and BAM! It came crashing into our book world. This book had me giggling, laughing out loud, and hot and heavy at the same time.

Vesper is a veterinarian. She works with her best friend Polly among other funny/nosy employees. Ryder rescues animals so he constantly shows up at the office unannounced with his injured animals. But soon enough he finds himself coming into the office demanding to see the beautiful, sexy doctor for other reasons than his injured four-legged friends. First impression? Ryder is extremely demanding, crass, and egotistical – not a man Vesper is looking for. But eventually he gets under her skin when he all but plays nurse-mate, taking care of Vesper when she falls sick. And so the flirting, the sex, and a lot of wiener talk begins . That is the best part of the book: flirting banters and sexual innuendos. Over all, I really enjoyed this book – it is light, sweet and hilarious. The banters between those two are witty. The sexual chemistry is blazing hot and steamy. This book is just a sweet romantic comedy, light-hearted, fun, cute, and an all-around feel good story.

So, if you are looking for a little rom com, a little entertainment, a little humor – this is for you!
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