Retrieval (The Retrieval Duet #1) by Aly Martinez (a review)

Retrieval by Aly Martinez

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I’d always been amazed by how much punishment a heart could take. I was broke, battered, and destroyed. And yet, much to my dismay, as I watched the front door close behind her, my heart kept betting.”

OMG!OMG!OMG! This was an INCREDIBLE UNIQUE read. Aly Martinez has really outdone herself with this series. I have been a fan of this author for a long time. I love all her books and it never ceases to amaze me the stories she continues to produce. The Retrieval is exceptionally unique; the likes of which I have not read in the past. The writing is brilliant, captivating – I devoured both books in two days (if it wasn’t for work and life I would have been done in one sitting)!!!

Right from the prologue, Roman and Elisabeth were introduced to the story at the end of their marriage. We don’t know right away the reasons but we do know it is not that they don’t love each other but rather they love each other too much. You can tell they have a history and their love runs deep. I don’t want to give out spoilers but both Roman and Elisabeth were dealt shitty cards. They were both devastated from the events that transpired but in dealing with her own heart break, Elisabeth did not see how deeply it affected Roman. They fell out of love and Elisabeth decided it was time they went separate ways. Talk about angst, tears and sadness right off the bat!!!

Fast forward two years, Roman and Elisabeth unexpectedly were brought together again…at a police station … They were delivered more devastating news and once again, old wounds were forced open, including more heart break and life changes. Since their divorce, Roman and Elisabeth have both moved on with their lives professionally but personally they have been romantically dormant. They never really stopped loving each other, and this time Roman is determined never to let Elisabeth go again. So, Retrieval is a second chance romance. The characters are both fantastic, well developed, complicated. Roman is all alpha, sexy – a West Point graduate, Army Captain turned successful businessman. He is also caring, loving, and an all-around swoony hero. Elisabeth is sweet and beautiful inside and out. The story deals with some sensitive issues. This story’s got all the feels — very emotional and intense. However, let me assure you there are plenty of lighthearted, funny, sweet and sexy moments. The chemistry between Roman and Elisabeth is undeniably scorching hot. Aly really knows how to burn up the sheets in the bedroom – uber hot!

I also love the secondary characters – Roman’s sister Kristen in particular is a fire cracker. The way Roman describes her cracked me up (She has 2 speeds: bitch at me or bitch to me…). I also want to mention that I love the family feels of this book. Even though Roman and Elisabeth are no longer together she still has a close relationship with his family – that is refreshing and and a nice change.

Retrieval is just sensational. Aly delivered yet another stunning, brilliant romance. Lucky for us there is a continuation of Roman and Elisabeth’s story in Transfer which comes out Sept 27th but with the focus on a new couple Clare and Heath. Their story is intertwined so you have to read them in order: Retrieval first and then Transfer. I promise you it will not be a hardship – YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!

“Something had broken between us. But, in the process, something had also been repaired.”

Thanks to author Aly Martinez and publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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