Transfer (The Retrieval Duet #2) by Aly Martinez (a review)

Transfer by Aly Martinez

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Transfer picks up right at the end of Retrieval. This book is a continuation of Roman and Elisabeth’s journey of finding their way back to each other; however, it is more focused on a new relationship between Clare and Heath. HOLY CRAP though! This story is a lot more intense, dark, and full of suspense and drama. Some parts are downright violent and for me hard to read as it deals with the issue of domestic abuse. Clare is trapped in an abusive relationship but more that than that she is basically kept prisoner in her own home. Clare’s husband… I can’t even… he is a piece of shit that I don’t want to even mention. The only thing she was allowed to do is go to the gym and that is where she met a personal trainer (or so she thought). He became the only friend and confidante she trusts. Heath is an amazing man – strong, sexy yet gentle, caring, and very protective of the people he loves. Clare is broken and battered albeit I think she is also a strong character. She is willing to sacrifice to do whatever it takes, even hurting herself in the process to protect her daughter and I admired her for it. This story has a huge twist though and not everyone is who they said they really are. Secrets, lies and truths revealed – it’s heart wrenchingly good. The suspense of it all will have you gasping for air, your heart bursting into pieces – so pay attention closely.

“Biology doesn’t make families, Lissy. Love makes families.”

What I take away from Transfer though is all in the quote above. This is a beautiful story of sacrifice and decisions you make for the one you love. It’s about Clare choosing to live and to give her daughter a better future. It’s about the sexy alpha Heath who rises to the challenge despite putting himself in harms way to protect his girls. It’s about the difficult decision Roman and Elisabeth have to make — in the process giving love to a woman they hardly knew. It’s about family, whether you share a strand of DNA or not – family is who you choose.

I love the epilogue – such a sweet ending to an amazing series. I grinned hard! I might have kissed my watch at 11:11 and made a wish myself 🙂

This series is something really special guys. Retrieval and Transfer are both EPICfull of passion, love, loss, heartbreak, and suspense. MUST READ FOLKS!

Thanks to author Aly Martinez and publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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