Dirty Player by Stacey Lynn (a review)

Dirty Player
Dirty Player by Stacey Lynn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shannon thought she had it all but her life crumbled fast when she found out her fiancé was a cheating bastard. She skipped town and left everything behind, moving to Raleigh near her brother Beaux (who is an up and coming Raleigh Rough Riders quarterback) in search for a new beginning. What she did not expect was to run into her brother’s teammate Oliver – best tight end in the league that comes in a full package of arrogance, surliness, and asshole with a capital A. Oh man, the first meeting had me laughing so hard . Honestly, I could feel their sizzling chemistry and attraction for each other right off the bat. Oliver knows Shannon is off limits and that fuels him more to pursue what he wants.

On the outside, Oliver is a hot shot with an big attitude to match his his … you know what lol. But there is more to Oliver than what meets the eyes. Oliver has been burned in the past so that makes him shy away from relationships and love. But Shannon isn’t any other woman. It was nice to see Oliver change from a bad boy alpha with a filthy mouth to someone sexier, sweet and gentle. This book is uber steamy and full of hot scenes. Fantastic hero and heroine as well as secondary characters. I love the relationship between Shannon and her brother. Well written, nice pace, just the right amount of football and romance. Highly recommend this steamy, sweet and fun sport romance! Just in time for football season 🙂

Dirty Player is a Standalone told in a dual POV, my favorite. And what’s more? This is the beginning of a series. YEEEESSSS!!! I cannot wait for more! Also, another new author for me! So awesome!
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