Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci (a review)

Roman Crazy
Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton

My rating:  4.5 Stars

WOW! WOW! What a debut novel from Nina Bocci! I have been anticipating this book a long time and let me say the authors did not disappoint. Roman Crazy is a book about a woman’s self-discovery and finding a new beginning after her devastating divorce. During the years of marriage to a prestigious lawyer, Avery put her life and passion on hold in order to support his dreams but the douche bag shattered her heart. All of a sudden, Avery’s life is turned upside down and spinning off its axis. So she decides to visit her best friend in Italy to search for peace, clear her mind and have some fun. Avery is an artist at heart but has been busy playing a housewife such that she put her passion on the back burner. Italy seems to be a perfect place to get away and start doing what she loves again.

Surprise! Once in Rome Avery gets more than she bargains for. First night out, Avery runs straight into a boy she once had a passionate romance with when she was an exchange student in Spain. Except he is no longer the boy she remembers but rather a grown, heart stopping handsome, dreamy and sexy version of a man who disappeared nearly a decade ago. I cracked up at their first reunion where Avery totally embarrassed herself… It was hilarious — you just have to read and see. I really like the relationship between Avery and Marcello – sweet, fun, and romantic. I also really love destination romance. The way the authors describe the scenery I can totally see it in my mind… the cobble stone streets, the charming stores, the art galleries. The coffee shops where they were sitting outside with people watching … let’s not start on the food descriptions … Dio mio!!! I was starving reading this book and it makes me want to pack a bag and head to Italy for a visit.

My only wish is that this book had a dual POV because I would have liked to see what’s in Marcello’s head, his feelings and thoughts of what happened between them. I could also do without the drama towards the end with the French woman but I understand it was a necessary part of the story – a wake-up call for Avery. Other than that, this book was a fantastic debut novel for Nina Bocci. I love her writing style, light, fun, witty banters. I am already a fan of Alice Clayton’s writing. This book has a very nice steady pace, beautifully written second-chance romance. It’s full of laughter, love, friendship, and a journey of finding happiness again.

Roman Crazy has a perfect mixture of friendship and romance. It’s lighthearted, charming, entertaining – all set in an enchanted beautiful romantic Italian city where art, history and architecture are harmoniously blended. It was a pleasant and delightful read for me to where I can escape and let my mind wander a bit down the cobble stone street – quite a nice break from the heavy subject matter that I’m usually drawn to.

I love discovering new authors and I am super excited for Nina Bocci – she has an amazing talent for contemporary romantic comedy. Cannot wait for the next installment of this series from these duos. WOOT! Congrats to Nina and Alice! Highly recommended!

Thank you to the authors and publisher for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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