Review: Coming Full Circle by Jessica Prince

Coming Full Circle
Coming Full Circle by Jessica Prince

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First of all, beautiful cover and very fitting title for this gorgeous love story.

Okay WOW!!! This is the sweetest story of best friends turned lovers romance. You want ANGSTY? Look no further, got it right here!

Eliza learned very early on that it’s hard to trust people and sometimes the person you love most leaves you behind. Ethan was the only best friend Eliza had. Even though he is five years her senior they were always attached at the hips. Elisa confided in him all her problems and feelings. Ethan is her rock – he takes care of her, sometimes playing her overprotective brother when it comes to other boys. Ethan has his own demons, having grown up with his big sister and her family that he feels he never fit into – not because of any lack of love – but Ethan wants to spread his wings and build a life of his own. On top of that Ethan’s feelings for Eliza are growing beyond platonic best friends. Ethan doesn’t quite know what to do, so when he was drafted by Denver to play professional football he skips town and never looks back. In the process he shatters Eliza’s heart beyond repair.

Six years later, an ACL injury puts Ethan out for the season and he is back in Pembrooke. He is forced to face all the people that adored him whom he left behind. Eliza has now grown up into a beautiful sexy young chef. She moved on with her life and along with that she built a steel wall around her heart. Ethan’s biggest regret was hurting his best friend Eliza, but getting even physically near her will not be an easy task. Oh man! This story really displayed Eliza’s suffering and heartache. Even though Ethan was the one who left everyone behind I can see his hurt too. I am a big fan of Jessica’s writing and this book is no different. It’s fast paced. Dialogue and narrative perfectly weave together throughout the book. You will be sucked into the story right away. There is no down time in their relationship. Ethan fights for the one he loves. He grovels hard and always stands up for Eliza even with her scary sheriff father. Eliza does not have the time or inclination to listen to his “bs” right away. She wants to forgive Ethan, but to trust him with her tender heart is another story. I love both main characters though. Ethan is all alpha, overly protective and I totally dig that because beneath everything he is caring and has a big heart. Eliza has a beautiful personality as well. The author did a great job with Eliza making him prove his love but not in an annoying way. I think it is difficult to make a character likable especially when it takes near until the end of the book for her to come around and forgive. I guarantee you Eliza’s actions are all justified given her painful past. She comes off sweet, caring independent and strong. The back and forth banters are very addictive. I laughed, smiled, swooned and sometimes cringed at the exchanges. I enjoyed the secondary characters as well, especially Eliza’s roommate and stepmom. They showed us that love comes in many shapes and forms and it definitely does not need to be blood related.

I am really hoping for Lilly and Quinn. She is a spitfire and would make an awesome heroine. This one is a MUST READ friends to lovers romance.

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