Review: Quiver by Jacob Chance

Quiver by Jacob Chance

My rating: 4.5 Stars ❤

Quiver is the anticipated conclusion to the first book Quake which ended in an agonizing cliffhanger. At the end of the first book we found out that Kyle has been keeping a secret from Janny and it was revealed in the worst way when Kyle collapses. Quiver picks up when Kyle was still in the hospital, barely living on the breathing machine. Janny is by his side during the days and nights, praying for Kyle to wake up. Slowly Kyle recovers but he is not quite out of the woods yet. Their relationship is tested as Kyle seems to have suffered memory loss. This new event is devastating to both Janny and Kyle. Kyle does not know how to deal with what happened so he pushes Janny away, breaking her heart. Kyle is strong but there is a long road of recovery ahead and Kyle wants to do it alone.

Janny decides to move to NY to start a new life. She has a new job, new friends and even a new possible love interest. But deep down Janny knows she loves Kyle and can never love another. When Kyle finally starts regaining his memory, he regrets ever letting Janny go, but winning her back will be challenging. With the distance and Janny seemingly moving on with her life, Kyle will need a lot of convincing to gain her trust again. This second book is full of surprises and suspense. The twisted plot had me all creeped out and on my seat the whole time. I have to say I really enjoyed Jacob Chance’s writing style – really kept me going and intrigued the whole time. I was expecting a little more angst with the part where Kyle is regaining his strength and winning Janny back but it seemed to happened quickly. I guess the real plot of the story is more focused on Janny’s new life and the creepy secondary characters. I think Jacob Chance writes incredible suspense – a well executed plot full of sizzling, passionate romance. The complexity of the characters is there. So was the twisted plot and I think the next novel will be just as thrilling. I am looking forward to more of Jacob’s stories.
Delve is coming up October 20th!!!!
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