Review: Love a Boss by Logan Chance

Love a BossLove a Boss by Logan Chance

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow! What an ending to a really sexy duet. You have to read Like a Boss first as it ends in a cliff-hanger.

Love a Boss is the conclusion to this series. At the end of Like a Boss, we found out that Penny is Theo’s new boss and that Penny’s father and her boyfriend Dex (Theo’s brother) just acquired the club. This was a big surprise. Theo did not know that his brother Dex is Penny’s boyfriend. I know… this sounds confusing but there is technically no bed-hopping . Penny’s father came up with the arrangement and forces Penny to marry Dex or else there will be consequences with Theo. I can’t really reveal what the deal is about because it is the main plot of the story so you will find out at the end of the book.

Love a Boss continues with Penny and Theo’s turbulent relationship. Penny does not want to marry Dex but she is forced to play the game to protect Theo. I thought the character Penny was sweet and caring. Theo is all alpha, sexy and protective. I kind of adore him. My only hiccup is I just did not understand the two reasons why Penny stays engaged to Dex and kept the secret from Theo. Penny’s father did not seem that powerful of a man to me. Other than that, I enjoyed the sweet romance. There are also plenty of sizzling, heated scenes which were borderline erotic for me :). The chemistry between Penny and Theo is definitely off the chart HOT! I enjoyed the dual POV which is always my favorite to understand both characters. Over all, this was a heartwarming love story with a bit humor, angst, a few twists in the plot, a lot of sexy time, and HEA. I think you will swoon over Theo. Enjoy!
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