Review: Mine for Now by Erika Kelly

Mine for NowMine for Now by Erika Kelly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow! Just finished this very emotional love story. Dylan came from a broken family – one with an alcohol addictive selfish mother. In the small town of Gun Powder, it is hard to escape the embarrassment that his mother causes. When Dylan won a full scholarship to a university he thought he could escape and build a new life. However, his mother follows him and causes chaos all around. Dylan is a good son so he continues to take care of his mother and feed her addiction out of guilt and loyalty. He always takes care of his mother and that makes it hard to cut ties. It was sad to see the inexcusable behavior of Dylan’s mother toward Dylan and his friends.

Nicole came from a similar back ground with an alcoholic mother and ex-boyfriend that she is trying to help get sober. Nicole has also been hurt and been made to feel unworthy by the people she loves, but Nicole learns the hard way that people don’t change. Nicole and Dylan were drawn to each other because they understand each others circumstances. Nicole has accepted that she cannot change the past and she has move on to build a better future for herself; meanwhile Dylan still struggles with the guilt of taking care of his mother. In a way he becomes a co-dependent which is frustrating at times.

This book definitely has a bit of a serious tone to it with Dylan and Nicole’s emotionally turbulent relationship. But rest assured there is no shortage of sizzling between the sheets scenes. Dylan is obviously damaged, but he has a loving and caring personality. He displays his sweetness and unconditional love towards Nicole. Nicole is also a strong and sweet person. She loves Dylan and is determined to help him accept his pain, overcome it and and push forward. This book has a little bit of everything – sweet love, humor, passion and heart-warming forgiveness. It’s about loving yourself, friends, and family despite all the struggles two young people went through.

This book is told in a third person POV which is not my personal favorite but it is dual so no problem following the story. I am also very bad at keeping track of all the people introduced in a book – I like story that focus on the hero and heroine with maybe a few secondary characters. But having said that, there are some very interesting secondary characters such that I am very intrigued to see who the author will bring in the next story. First book of Erika Kelly and it was a great read!
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