Review: Sugar Free by Sawyer Bennett

Sugar Free
Sugar Free by Sawyer Bennett

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars!!
Thump. Thump. Thump.
Yup my heart was pounding. I was a nervous wreck reading this book. My heart was racing and I was freaking out because I was so scared for Beck and Sela. Sugar Free is the 3rd installment of the Sugar Bowl series. It concludes Beck and Sela’s story. It cannot be read as a standalone so if you have not read the other two you must do so now and don’t read this review because it has *spoilers*!
Basically Beck and Sela have to deal with the consequences of Jonathan’s death. The legal system can be a nasty one and Sawyer Bennett’s legal skills shine in this book. Oh, her scenes where the detectives interrogate them were so fascinating to read….the way they corner them in their lies and how they trick them to get the truth. It felt extremely realistic and all the scenes were playing in my head just like a movie. I was so caught up in the crime and the thrill of the case that I was a nervous wreck and scared to keep reading at times. I, of course, was rooting for Sela and Beck throughout. I’m apparently not as good of a person as I thought I was because I thought Jonathan got what he deserved. He was a DESPICABLE human being! I was proud that Sela and Caroline got their rapist. Justice was served!!!
“Killing another human being–even one who brutally violated me -–was more traumatizing and damaging to my soul than I could have ever imagined.”
I do like how Sawyer portrayed Sela. She is a good person. Her actions were justified, but Sawyer Bennett shows that no matter how justified, the weight of taking a life is life altering. Sela was just real and her love for Beck was so BIG and I respected her so much for it. And Beck…my F*cking hero!! I loved him. The way he tries to protect those he loves is so heartwarming. I loved how much he sacrifices for Sela.
“Thank you for loving me.”
I would have been ok with them running away. Not my first choice, but I wanted Sela and Beck to have their happy ending. I’m so happy with the way the book ended. It wrapped up things nicely. I actually did not see the ending coming, but it worked well and it didn’t feel too rushed.
Beck and Sela are the very definition of soul mates. Their dedication and loyalty shined and their struggles made them stronger. It was so beautiful to read! This isn’t your typical romance book. The first book has a lot more romance, but as the series go on, it becomes a rich story with an intricate plot. The love between Sela and Beck matures into something so powerful, strong, and deep. I just love this series. This is a MUST read!!!
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