Review: Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One (King #5)




5 Stars!

Preppy is ALIVE!!! I’m not going to lie. Preppy is my favorite. King is a close second, but I loved Preppy from book 1. So when I found out Preppy wasn’t dead, I couldn’t wait to read his story. And let me tell you that TM Frazier does not disappoint. She saved the best for last because by far, Preppy’s story is my favorite.

The story is mainly in the past with flashes in the present. It’s the story of how Preppy found his love.   Andrea (Dre) is a drug addict who will do anything and has done everything to get her high. But she has hit rock bottom and is ready to end it all. Well, not if Preppy has anything to say about it. Preppy saves her in more ways than one. However, he has his demons and knows he is no good for her. In the end, he lets Dre go at the cost of a broken heart. Now flash into present time…Preppy is barely alive after being tortured by Chop. Dre is ready to say goodbye when she finds out Preppy is alive. Will Dre and Preppy reunite? Can she be the one to save him this time? Well, it’s all to be continued in the next book. =(

Preppy once again takes the stage. I love his wit and sarcasm. He is refreshingly funny and full of light and laughter. He, of course, is not all roses and sunshine as he is still very much disturbed and capable of violence. But his light outshines his dark and I’m drawn to him. Preppy has moments of great vulnerability and when he opens up about his childhood my heart breaks for him. He is a character of true strength; he has overcome so much. When I think about Preppy, King, and Bear…my heart feels full. They made a family and supported each other and that is one of my favorite things about this entire series. It has a huge emphasis on the love and loyalty of family. I’m so happy Preppy has King, Bear, and now Dre in his life. He deserves happiness.

Then there is Dre. She’s a junkie with a good heart buried underneath her addiction. Reading a character like Dre is scary because drug addiction is such a serious matter and it destroys lives. The things Dre did for the high were truly disgusting. I felt sad for her. I get how she spiraled out of control. Dre was not beyond redemption, though. I saw the good in her and I’m glad it’s Preppy who saves her. Sometimes it just takes one special person to make a difference.

So, I’m please to say I think Dre and Preppy were matched well in age. The big age differences bothered me a lot in the previous books. I also felt this book is a lot less violent than the other books in the series. I did have one small issue and that is when Preppy and Dre have sex the first time. Basically, Preppy is telling her he won’t stop even though she keeps telling him to stop. Now, we do get Dre’s POV and I get that she is saying “No” even though she really means yes; she’s just resisting her desires and scared to take the next step. However, I hate promoting that type of thinking. No is simple and it means no. I’m a huge advocate for women and our rights; I want to keep the message clear that “no” is “no” or it is rape.

Overall though, I loved this book! I find myself impatiently waiting again. I need book 2 now! This is a must read! Happy reading!


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