Review: The Royals series by Erin Watt


So, don’t laugh but for some reason I thought The Royal series were standalones so I started reading Twisted Palace and quickly realized I am missing something big J LOL …. So I spent the last couple of days going back and reading Paper Princes, Broken Prince, and then Twisted Palace.  Well, turns out it was the BEST mistake ever because I LOVE The Royals series – a very compelling storyline.  These books are totally ADDICTING full of conspiracy, secrets, lies, drama, angst, love, lust, sex, humor.  EVERYTHING you ever wanted balled up into one.  You SO NEED TO READ THIS.  YA romance at its finest.  YA is normally not my genre either but this one is an EXCEPTION.  Devoured the whole trilogy in no time.  BTW, I am so glad ALL 3 books were already available otherwise I would’ve totally lost it with the author after the first book, not to mention the ending of the second book.   HUGE CLIFFHANGERS.  All 3 books are available now so what are you waiting for? ❤

Paper Princess – The journey begins for Ella.  She was pretending to be her dead mother working strip clubs, scraping by to support herself.  She was minding her own business until Callum Royal appeared and hauled her away to his mansion, claiming he is her legal guardian.  There she met 5 of Callum’s sons who showed her less than a luke warm welcome.  In fact, they think she is a gold digging young piece of ass – their father’s new toy.  Reed especially despises Ella but Ella is tough, feisty, and resilient.  She can hold her own against these spoiled brat Royal (s) or can she???

Broken Prince – This second book focuses more on Reed.  He has it all — looks, status, and money.  Popular in school – girls at prep school line up to date him.  But he has his eye on one special girl – his new family member Ella.  However, Reed screwed up in a BIG way and he is going to have to win her trust back.  This book is full of angst, suspense, and twisted plots.  I love these complex characters.  Reed appears to be an asshole in the first book but he redeems himself in Broken Prince.  I love his brother Easton – a little broken but he has a big heart.  Reed though is positively swoony.  I had to mentally block myself from the fact that these are high school kids J.

Twisted Palace – is the grand finale.  Reed got into a little trouble in this book.  Reed’s hot temper and tendency for violence finally catches up to him.  The relationship between Reed and Ella is also rocky with everyone wanting to tear them apart.  More family secrets are revealed in this book and there is a big twist as well.  The story keeps you on the edge of the seat the whole time – it’s really hard to know who to trust in this one.

I am not really sure what to say in this review without spoiling the whole plot (I hope I haven’t already).  So I quickly summarize it above.  There is just a lot going on.  The main characters are Ella and the Royals family members however there are a lot of interesting secondary characters.  This story is fast paced with surprise twists and turns.  This trilogy is absolutely addicting though – captivated my attention from book 1 until the end.   Erin Watt really surprised me with this series – The Royals family is totally f**ked up, dysfunctional and full of scandals, drama, secrets, sex, cat fights, mean girls, lies, lust, and love.  Some parts of the book were intense but overall I would describe this series as light, fun, and an entertaining read.

Entertaining 4.5 Stars!

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