Review: Marry Me Mad by Katy Regnery

Marry Me MadMarry Me Mad by Katy Regnery
398.2 STARS!!!!

“Baby, you’re music.”

OMG!!!!! Marry Me Mad is my NEW FAVORITE of Katy’s books. Obviously I need to reread all of the modern fairytales and some Blueberry books to be sure but this is my vote for now. I don’t know how Katy did it but every single book that comes out is incredibly more awesome than the next. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story so much. I am dying over here Why does it have to end? And where is the epilogue of more music and babies???? No, I actually swooned over the ending but I just need more… PLEASE!!!

Seriously though, this book is not to be missed. I did not read all of the Blueberry series and I am totally kicking myself in the butt. Going back to read Jonquil for Jax ASAP.

“They were like supermagnets, destined for each other since the moment they’d reconnected, and she felt utterly helpless to stop the forward motion that would lead to love.”

Right of the bat, Mad’s life was a crumbling mess – she found herself in Voulez-Vous drowning her sorrow with shots while listening to the melancholy piano of “Le Cygne” playing in the back ground. Turns out the man behind that beautiful music was none other than Cort Ambler – her twin’s sister Jax ex-boyfriend in high school. Cort – the hero that he was, took care of Mad that night. He spent the night comforting her, feeding her, walking her home and even spent the night. Mad had always been in love with Cort when she was younger but he belonged to Jax first. Cort broke her sisters’ heart after prom and Mad swore she would not forgive him for that. A decade later, it seems that fate brought them back together. Mad can’t deny the attraction they have to each other but Mad loves her sister dearly – will she break the ultimate sister code to be with the man she always loves?

What I like about this book? First, this book was beautifully written – absolutely FLAWLESS. The story is the most romantic, emotional, sensual, sweet second chance love story. The characters were portrayed brilliantly. Cort is charming and sweet but the quality that I most admire about him is that he is a man of his word. Mad knows all along that something happened between Jax and Cort but Cort stays true to his promise and will not get in between Mad and her sister. Cort is intense but he is honest, and he is not afraid to tell Mad how he feels. He is a total saint to me – so patient, caring and kind. Also, he is a talented pianist – well … musician, there is nothing sexier than a man that is talented with his hands … The particular scene of Cort serenading Mad with the harp… Jesus! Never read anything more sensual and sexy
The way he treasured and treated her like something so precious to him just made my ovaries explode over this man – Perfect boyfriend material. ADORE HIM!
Mad is beautiful, funny and smart. She is loyal to her sister even when it costs her own happiness. She wants to give in to Cort’s love but she feels too guilty being happy. She cares for her sister dearly and refuses to cause her pain or heartache. It makes my heart happy to see the love Mad has for all her siblings. She is such a kind hearted and gentle person.

I enjoy a book that focuses entirely on the main characters without so much distraction and this book did just that for me. The first 40% of the book was all about the flirting, intimacy dance between Mad and Cort. It was sweet, sexy and some parts had me smiling ear to ear. You can’t help but get sucked in and wrapped up in their journey. I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough. I was consumed with this story until the last word written. I can’t praise enough of this book – a picture-perfect, captivating story of first love, second chances, loyalty, forgiveness and hope.

“… maybe one day – someday, please, God – the stars would align, and they’d have a second chance at forever.”

With a lifetime’s worth of want and need, fate bought Mad and Cort together. Is it coincidence or destiny? Will these two souls finally accept that they were meant to be? — You just have to read and see!

Katy outdone herself. Beautifully written – Sensual, sexy but with a very classy charming feel of a classic romance. The everlasting kind of love that we don’t see often anymore in real life. What a perfect escape!!!

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