Review: Say You Want Me by Corinne Michaels

Say You Want MeSay You Want Me by Corinne Michaels

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“My home is where you are”

Southern cowboy meets city girl = delicious romance.
This book is a standalone but it would be good to read Say You’ll Stay first to get the background story. Angie’s late brother was married to Presley. Presley found her second love and now resides in Bell Buckle. Angie still visits her sister-in-law and nephews occasionally and while in town, she visits the handsome cowboy Wyatt intimately …. TWICE! But Angie has her whole life and her bakery in Pennsylvania, so before the sheets are cool she runs out of Bell Buckle…but not for long…

“We are not guaranteed a damn thing in life. If you find someone you love, hold on to that person, because it could be gone the next day.”

Say You Want Me started out with a big bang. Angie reluctantly came back to Bell Buckle and this time Wyatt isn’t going to let her go that easy. She has a part of him that he is not willing to give up and walk away, no matter how stubborn she is. Angie is independent, strong and hell bent on being on her own. She does not want to be a burden or an obligation to anyone, least of all Wyatt. I love these two characters. Wyatt is sexy, smart, honest and all alpha cowboy … yum!!! Angie is a tough girl but Wyatt bring out a softer side in her. Their relationship is complicated and plagued with insecurities. Wyatt used to pin after Angie’s sister in law Presley but Presley is happily engaged to Zach… Did Wyatt ever love Presley or just the idea of her? Has he always loved Angie and not even known it? How is Wyatt going to prove that he lost his heart to Angie a long time ago?

This book is definitely romantic, sexy, and sweet but there is a whole lot more to it. Wyatt and Angie’s journey to HEA is an emotional one. It’s not all rosy. Just when you think you can sit, relax and enjoy the light-hearted romance, tragedy strikes and you are left with sorrow and tears. Wyatt and Angie’s relationship is tested so many times but good things rarely come easy – “It’s not a test of love when things are good. It’s how you handle thigs when times are bad.”
There are a lot of tears and angst – some parts had me twisted so bad I had to take a break. You will need tissues. Say you want me is about love, loss, forgiveness and second chances. How you deal with heartbreak, pick yourself up and lean on each other to find happiness again.

I highly recommend this book. Corinne DELIVERES every time. I can’t wait for what’s to come. Hopefully, Corinne can tame down the horse that is Trent???

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